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Ameer-e Jamaat expresses grief at the demise of Saiyid Hamid

Posted on 31 December 2014 by Admin_markaz

Ameer-e Jamaat expresses grief at the demise of Saiyid Hamid

New Delhi, 31 Dec 2014: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has expressed deep sorrow at the passing away of Saiyid Hamid, renowned figure of the Indian Muslim community, and termed his death as a great loss in the fields of education and social welfare of the community.


Saiyid Hamid spent a long period on high posts of the government with prestige and dignity. His dedicated and selfless services as vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and then as Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard and his role in developing Taleemabad to fulfil the dreams of Hakeem Abdul Hameed will be remembered for long, said Ameer-e Jamaat.


Maulana Umari said Saiyid Hamid had close contact with the community, and it was one of his several virtues. For the last 50 years, he had a relation of love and affection with all the central leaders of the Jamaat. He was patronizing the Human Welfare Foundation, a sister institution of the Jamaat, as its chairman. Saiyid Hamid was in close contact with Maulana Umari from the days of their stay at Aligarh, and it got stronger when they shifted to Delhi. Saiyid Hamid valued the quarterly journal Tahqeeqat-e-Islami being published under the editorship of Maulana Umari for the last 30 years. He wrote feedbacks on various books of Maulana Umari.


Ameer-e Jamaat said that in the life of Saiyid Hamid there is a message for talented Muslims posted at high government offices – they should try to utilize their abilities to resolve issues of the Millat and for its development. This is the need of the hour.


Maulana Jalaluddin Umari prayed for high places for late Saiyid Hamid in the Jannat and patience for his relatives and family members.

3 Responses to Ameer-e Jamaat expresses grief at the demise of Saiyid Hamid
  1. Mohd Imran says:

    may Allah place him in Jannat……Ameen….

  2. Mohammed Younus Mohiuddin says:

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioun

  3. Moahmmed Umar Farouque says:

    May Allah place him in Jannah..

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