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Assam Govt. should execute its duty for protection of constitutional rights of minorities: Jamaat

Posted on 03 May 2014 by Admin_markaz

Assam Govt

New Delhi, 03 May 2014: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on Saturday strongly condemned the killing of 27 Muslims including women and children in the attack of Bodo extremists in Kokrajhar and Baksa districts of Assam. While terming it as negligence of the state government about the protection of life and property of civilians, Jamaat demanded the government to award proper compensation to the families of the deceased people, rebuild their destroyed homes and take strong legal action against the culprits.

Expressing sympathy with the victim families, Secretary General of Jamaat Nusrat Ali said it is extremely sad that not long ago around 5 lakh people were rendered homeless in Assam, a large number of people were killed and their properties and homes were destroyed. Not all the victims have been rehabilitated yet. Notwithstanding, the government caught unawares and its negligence and indifference resulted in another bloodbath.

Mr. Nusrat Ali said the situation demands the state government to sincerely assess its repeated failures and in order to execute its constitutional duty, take effective steps to protect the life and properties of the civilians and establish peace and communal harmony.

It should be noted here that Jamaat has continued helping the affected people of the 2012 anti-Muslim riot of Assam. This time also, members of the Jamaat have started relief work for the victims. Jamaat’s central secretary for social service has reached the area soon after the Friday incident, and is helping and guiding the affected people.

3 Responses to Assam Govt. should execute its duty for protection of constitutional rights of minorities: Jamaat
  1. Aftab Alam says:

    Where there is congress govt there is always comunal right occur but our congrrss mp’s never condemned these things so we Muslims should bycate congress party

  2. suhel says:

    Asalamu alaikum i thanks to all mighty Allah swt what you are organization doing among the India and i wish it could be reach our brothers as soon as possible by taking events to aware our brother

  3. abdul munaf says:

    If congress ruled state has communal violence congress and it leaders never comments and when it happens at others party ruled state like UP, Gujrath Bihar they creticise as communal and bleams the govt for not protecting minarties this game and police we are been vitnessing since indipendence but we not learn lession now is the time to unit and take decission

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