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Assam violence were planned, organised and state govt is responsible for them: Jamaat

Posted on 08 August 2012 by admin

President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari expressing grave concern on communal violence in Assam, has said the recent ethnic and communal riots in Assam were planned, organized and continued for several days. He held the Assam government responsible for them. Maulana Umari was addressing journalists at Iftar party held on Saturday evening at Jamaat’s headquarters in the capital.

“Even after 65 years of independence such riots, involving widespread bloodshed, killings, burning of entire villages are a blot on the fair name of country. This has resulted in widespread destruction and taking refuge of more than four lakh men, women, children and old men in over 300 relief camps during the rainy season. These people are in acute distress and unsure of their future,” he said. “The government should reconstruct the burned and destroyed dwellings at the earliest, rehabilitate the uprooted people and give adequate compensation to the affected,” Maulana Umari demanded.

While offering condolences and sympathies to the murdered and the injured people, Maulana Umari demanded that the dead should be compensated appropriately and the announced compensation i.e. Rs. 2 lakh by the Central Government and Rs. 6 lakhs by the Assam government should be enhanced to be at par with compensation paid to the victims of 1984 Anti Sikh riots. “BJP leader Mr L. K. Advani has said that the real problem in Assam is because of the illegal migrants of Bangladesh.it is not only laughable but also pouring oil on fire to instigate it as 1983 situation. The Jamaat thinks that solid facts and endorsement of the central and state government confirms that the Bengali speaking people of the disturbed areas are out and out Indians. They have been living there for more than 200 years,” he added.

A high power delegation of the Jamaat including two all India secretaries Muhammad Shafi Madani, Maulana Muhammad Rafeeque Qasmi, its Assam President Muhammad Kifayatullah and his assistants Shams Ahmed and Abdul Hameed made a 6-day tour of the affected areas and surveyed the relief camps. Relief work in 14 camps had been started and medical team also organized, which had been rendering medical service in camps. The high power delegation met the Chief Minister Gogoi and some Bodo leaders.

Giving details after visiting riots affected areas of Assam, Jamaat’s all India secretary for social service, Mr. Shafi Madani, “Jamaat also thinks that the Bodo Pact of 2003 is not based on justice because under it in Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) proper representation to Muslims, Santhalis and others, who form 73% of the area, has not been given. Therefore the government should take into confidence all segments of population in these areas and solve the relevant problems, expedite rehabilitation and restore and establish peace on solid foundations. This is also a must that the persons responsible for atrocities should be dealt with firmly and punished so that such shameful incidents are not repeated in future.”

The Jamaat also condemned the incidents occurring at different places in UP like Bareilly, Kosi-kalan, Asthan and Faizabad and demanded that trouble shooters be dealt with iron hands and law and order be maintained at any cost.

Jamaat condemns atrocities on Rohingia Muslims in Mayanmar

The President of Jamaat also condemned atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and demanded the government of India to provide help and shelter to the victims who are coming here as refugee.

“Jamaat-e-Islami Hind strongly condemns the continuous atrocities on Rohingia Muslims of Mayanmar and states that the attitude of Mayanmar government in this regard is inhuman and against all international laws and conventions. The Jamaat demands that the atrocities should be stopped forthwith and the rights of Rohingias should be fully protected because they are citizens of that country and have been living there for centuries. The Jamaat demands that the United Nations should intervene and ensure that the Mayanmar Government takes positive steps in this regard. The Jamaat also hopes that the Government of India would follow the norms of human sympathy and broadmindedness and provide help and facilities to Rohingias who have taken refuge in our country and at the same time would prevail upon government of Mayanmar to normalise the situation there and stop the atrocities.”

Muslim journalists should investigate terror blasts: Maulana Umari

Maulana Umari urged Muslim journalists to do some investigative journalism to dig out facts about terror blasts in the country particularly in the wake of police and a section of media looking hell-bent to witch-hunt a particular community within minutes or hours of a terror blast. Maulana Umari said that in various cases, Police and media have been seen ignoring clear facts and evidence about the culprits and bomb planters and start suspecting a particular community. “Muslim journalists should probe the incidents in journalist ways and bring out facts about the real culprits without any bias,” said he.


Old Delhi’s Akbarabadi Masjid issue

On the Akbarabadi Masjid issue, Jamaat said in its press statement that Shah Jahan’s wife Begum Akbarabadi had built a very beautiful mosque between Red Fort and Jama Masjid. This mosque bore the brunt of British tyranny and was demolished by them in 1857 during the first war of independence because it was a centre of freedom struggle in addition to a place of prayers and education. Because of its historical role this mosque should have been rebuilt after independence of the country and the government should have rendered all possible help in this effort.


“Unfortunately the government has forgotten its duty and has been placing hurdles in the restoration of mosque and regular prayers. This attitude is very improper. If the government fails to take into consideration the historical facts and does not remove hurdles in freeing and rehabilitating the mosque then it would be the second act of injustice by independent India’s government, after that of the Britishers in 1857, which would be recorded in the pages of history and would be a cause of disgrace for India.”


The Jamaat drew the attention of the Muslims to peacefully struggle for the restoration of the Masjid with patience, wisdom and collective endeavours. It also expresses hope that in the light of strong historical evidences the judiciary will give a positive verdict in the case of Akbarabadi Masjid.

Issued by:
Media Dept. HQRS,
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

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