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All India Conference of Arkaan-e Jamaat to be held in Dec 2015 in Hyderabad

08 August 2015 by Admin_markaz

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Compulsory Yoga Goes Against the Spirit of Our Constitution Says Jamaat

16 June 2015 by Khalid

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Ameer-e Jamaat Strongly Condemns Death Sentence to Morsi

17 May 2015 by Khalid

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Ameer-e-Jamaat Expresses Sorrow at Earthquake Devastation in Nepal and India

27 April 2015 by Khalid

Comments (4)

Maulana Omari sad at death sentence to Bangladesh Jamaat leader

30 October 2014 by Admin_markaz

Comments (7)

UN, India should raise voice against Israeli atrocities: Amir-e Jamaat

13 July 2014 by Admin_markaz

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Sharia Panchayats rendering important social service: Amir-e Jamaat

11 July 2014 by Admin_markaz

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​Lok Sabha Election Results Unexpected, Outcome of Division Among Secular Parties: Jamaat

18 May 2014 by Admin_markaz

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SC verdict against homosexuality is welcome: Ameer-e Jamaat

12 December 2013 by Admin_markaz

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Ameer-e Jamaat strongly condemns killings of Ikhwan by Egyptian army

29 July 2013 by Admin_markaz

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