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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind calls for people’s movement to establish communal harmony

Posted on 24 June 2018 by Admin_markaz


Following is the speech of Ameer e Jamaat, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari as he addressed a gathering who had gathered for Eid Milan celebration at the headquarters of Jamaat in New Delhi.

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Respected friends!

On behalf of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, I welcome you at this Eid Milan get together. We pray to the Almighty that this gathering may prove fruitful to all of us. We have just gone through the month of Ramadan which was the month of fasting. We have benefited a lot from the prayers in Ramadan. The basic feature of the month is that our renew their relationship with the Almighty in this month and make it stronger. We get an opportunity to read the book the Holy Quran and also understand it. This book is the book of guidance for all human beings and points out to the way of salvation. During the month of Ramadan our relation with the Quran too becomes stronger and we get an opportunity to refresh our faith. We are more particular towards Salat (prayer) and we keep track of our time and we use our time properly in useful pursuits. Also in this month we were attentive to the needs of the people and to the needs of the poor.

Dear friends !

On this occasion we know the situation that prevails in our country. I welcome all the people who have gathered here and I want to remind them all that the greatest need today is to have communal harmony in our society. Communal harmony does not mean that particular communities will ignore with their communal existence but it does mean that they will live together and respect the human rights of each other and more importantly they cooperate with one and another to develop the nation and ensure to its progress. What is happening is that there are some elements, not very numerous but nevertheless they exist who are trying to create disorder in this country. They say that power belongs to them alone and only they deserve all the opportunities. The law exists only for their protection. We can see their crimes like mob lynching in the name of cow protection. Attacks are taking place on certain groups and sometimes even places of worship. So all this is the situation of the country. Sometimes the law takes notice of such activities but the notice is very ineffective. One can say that such incidents in such a large country are not very important. But they do create an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and insecurity. Thus the minorities and weaker sections are living in a climate in which they are not assured about their own security. The solution to this problem lies with the government. But we know that the government has failed in its duty. We must keep reminding the government to do its duty but we must also turn the attention to ourselves that is the people and society. People attending this program today represent the India society. We must keep reminding the government but at the same time we must take the social initiative to make the picture of the country better. Our society is plural, multi-cultural and we may have disagreements on how to solve the problems of the country. But these disagreements must be resolved through dialogue debate and discussion in an atmosphere of peace and understanding. Rather than considering each other as rivals, we have to understand each other’s viewpoints and try to adjust. Confrontation must be replaced by communication. If we adopt this path of communication there is every chance that the atmosphere of enmity will come to an end. We see that even the countries that were at war sit down across the table and discuss their problems with each other. When even North Korea can solve its problem with America, then we who live in a single county who have a shared past and traditions should be able to talk to one another and resolve their differences. This needs courage, this needs initiative. This is an important gathering representing Indian society. If all of us take the initiative then we can certainly change the situation and if we can take this effort then there will be supporters and it will start a mass movement for a better society. It would have justice, equality and human rights would be respected. So once again welcoming you, I appeal to you. The country is waiting for your initiative and you must respond to this cause.


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