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Endosulfan ban: Reps, vicitms from Kasaragod meet Justice Balakrishnan, Submit memo to Rahul Gandhi

Posted on 29 November 2010 by admin

A contingent of representatives from Solidarity Youth Movement from Kasaragod reached Mangalore on Monday, November 29, after meeting Justice KG Balakrishnan, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission and submitting a memorandum to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi demanding for a national ban on endosulfan. About 19 representatives including four Endosulfan victims were received in Mangalore by volunteers of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Youth Wing Muhammad Mushin, Ameer, Asif and Shabber.

In the memorandum submitted to Rahul Gandhi, Solidarity Youth Movement has briefed about the disastrous consequences of indiscreet aerial spraying of Endosulphan in the Cashew Plantations of Plantation Corporation of Kerala for nearly 25 years on the people of the 11 Gram Panjayaths of Kasaragod district. Besides affects such as kids with overgrown heads, people with immobility of their arms, blindness, deafness, people with their inner organs exposed and so on, over 200 deaths has been attributed to the use of this pesticide and over 4000 people still suffer from it.

The representatives brought to the notice of Gandhi the remarks of National Institute of Occupational Health to the National Human Rights Commission and its recommendation that no chemical pesticide should be used in Kasaragod district.

The contingent also met Justice KG Balakrishnan, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission who they said has assured them that he will visit Kasaragod and conduct a public hearing  regarding the Endosulfan issue.

Solidarity State President P Mujeeb Rahman, Secretay KK Basheer, Secretary NK Abdussalam, State Committee Member KT Hussain, Shakkir Jameel were present. Four endosulfan victims Devikiran, Jeevanraj, Ajith Shaji, Narayanan and their parents also visited Delhi along with them.

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