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“Equality, Justice and Freedom which form the basis of the Constitution have been espoused by the Qur’an.” -Maulana Jalaluddin Umari, JIH National President

Posted on 13 December 2015 by Admin_markaz

Equality, Justice and Freedom which form the basis of the Constitution have been espoused by the Qur’an

Saturday, 12th December 2015


Addressing a grand Public Meet organized by Jamaate Islami Hind (JIH) entitled- ‘Reconstruction of the Society and our Responsibilities’ at Wadi-e-Huda in Hyderabad tonight, the National President of JIH, Maulana Jalaluddin Umari sahab quoted an ayat form the Holy Qur’an which says that ‘Evil has become rife on land and sea because of the deeds of man….’ The solution to all forms of social and economical evils is that man should turn back to his Lord and refrain from disobeying Him. All Prophets invited their communities to follow them even when they were devoid of political authority. JIH believes that men should accept Allah’s sovereignty. Truth is always supported by sound arguments and Islamic ideology is also backed by strong arguments in its favour. There has never been any compulsion in religion even when in power. Problems cannot be solved by fighting each other, but by fighting against divisive conspiracies.

He hoped that a social renaissance is brought about in our country by Muslims and that Jamaate Islami Hind would lead it.

Ameere Halqa, JIH Telangana, Hamid Muhammad Khan was the first to address the gathering. He said that we are always concerned about our nation which cannot progress without our participation. He lamented upon the current state of affairs in India post- 2014 bordering on fascism and assured the audience that we shall not keep quiet but will respond to these negative policies at an intellectual level- a comment that was met with a rousing applause.

Peer Shabbir Ahmad, President Jamiatul Ulema Hyderabad said that we ought to follow the example set by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and adhere to his teachings. We should deal with our fellow countrymen on common grounds of humanity irrespective of their religion.

Muhammad Mehmood Ali, Deputy CM, Telangana expressed his gratitude to JIH Telangana for creating awareness in the population and its active role in the Telangana Movement. I myself use the Jamaat’s literature to present the true picture of Islam among our fellow countrymen. He appreciated the Jamaat’s role in the education of Muslims, its propagation in every Indian language and creating a sense of respect for the Muslim populace by its immense sense of discipline.

Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, President- Welfare Party of India. We seriously lag behind in Human Development Index figures as compared to other smaller developing nations and need to pull out our country from the abyss of underdevelopment and ensure social justice and welfare for all.

Sardar Nanak Singh Nishter claimed that we stayed back in India by choice, not by compulsion- on the basis of certain assurances given to us by our national leaders which are unfortunately not being abided by today. We should study and implement the Quranic teachings in our lives for the reconstruction of society.

Mehmood Paracha, Advocate- Supreme Court of India expressed the need to monitor our political representatives. “Targeting Muslims and adivasis on false terrorism and Naxalite charges is a conspiracy against Muslims and adivasis. ISIS is our enemy and do not represent us” said he. He was confident that 15% Muslims are enough to reconstruct our Country and make it the ‘Sone ki chidiya’ (bird of gold).

Muhammad Ali Shabbir, MLC Telangana lamented that the current central regime is saffronizing education and changing history to suit its fascist ideology.

Ahmad bin Abdullah Balala, AIMIM MLA from Malakpet said that JIH has set an example by uniting leaders across the political and religious spectrum on a single platform which is worth being emulated by the masses.

National President of Students Islamic Organization of India, Mr. Iqbal Hussain presented an analysis of the international scenario and said that history is repeating itself vis-a-vis the alleged war on terror which would lead to the same destruction again. The country has witnessed, in the last 60 years, communalism at different levels, but it is now visible at Government levels. We need to work on political, legal and social platforms to counter the religious bias against Muslims, without which true reconstruction of society is not possible.

Sirajul Hasan sahab, ex President of JIH reminded the audience that the responsibility of social reconstruction lies on every individual, especially on members of JIH for whom it is an obligation.

Acharya Onkaranand Shankaracharya ji said that he has responded to JIH’s invitation overriding popular expectations because of the love he has received from JIH delegations. He said that Islam is a religion of love, peace and equality and even sought to include himself as a JIH member. He emphasised upon the fact that Islam does not promote terrorism. ‘I say this not because I am speaking amongst Muslims, but because it is an undeniable fact.’ Muslims are an indivisible part of India, without which India is not complete. Islam and Sanatan do not promote violence; it is politicians who promote violence, he pointed out. He also countered the false propaganda against Emperor Aurangzeb.

Mujtaba Farooq, Member Central Advisory Council-JIH was next to address the meet. Muslims are the largest minority and this country belongs to us as it belongs to anyone else. He warned PM Modi to stop his hypocritical approach and come out clean on his party’s agenda. “The country would answer you as they have risen against you in Bihar if you pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on one hand and celebrate the birth anniversary of Nathuram Godse on the other.”

Sajjade Nasheen Dargah Hazrat Khwaja bande Nawaz, Syed Shah Khushro Hussaini sahab has said that Islam teaches humanity, without which we cannot think of reconstruction. He enumerated the Islamic teachings of non-violence, fraternity, equality and human rights and appreciated the Jamaat for having organized such an interreligious meet with a common purpose.

Shia Maulana, Dr. Kalbe Sadiq wondered whose ‘achhe din’ have arrived- the countrymen’s or their own. Instead of reacting angrily to provocative comments, we should follow the Prophet’s example by solving problems with wisdom and patience. Hindu religion has been hijacked to meet certain ulterior motives. RSS and BJP should answer as to what sacrifices they have offered to prove their love for India. He also pointed out that we should concentrate on promoting education instead of dividing the country on religious lines.

Muhammad Adeeb sahab, ex-MP averred that Islam is a message for humanity. Islam has been victorious not because of its numerical strength but by the strength of their character. He also stressed that education without proper grooming creates ruthless animals, not civilized people.

Maulana Asgar Imam Mehdi Salafi sahab, National President- Jamiate Ahle Hadees. We were meant for the entire mankind, but we have restricted ourselves to ourselves.

Zafarul Islam, President All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat. After Independence, Muslims have adopted a defensive approach and only respond to our community issues. We only focus on Urdu media assuming that we have discharged our media responsibilities instead of spreading our ideology among the masses. Allah is in no need of us if we ignore our responsibilities of introducing Islam to our non-Muslims brethren.

Malik Motasim Khan held the program together in his role as an enthusiastic compare which was attended by some 25000 men and women from all parts of India.

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