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Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions India, M.P.

Posted on 19 June 2012 by admin

The introductory programme of Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions (India) M.P. (FEMI) which runs under the Education department of Jamaat e Islami Hind Madhya Pradesh held. In this day long programme besides the office bearers of various educational institution Mujtaba Farooque Sahab Member central Advisory council JIH and Mohammad Anwar Khan Chairman Minority Commission M.P.  as well as Raghuveer Shrivastave (IAS) Chairman OBC and Minority Commission M.P. were present. All the speakers expressed their concern over the Muslims backwardness in education and offered suggestions to come out from the educational backwardness as well as briefed the details of assistance which is given to minorities.

One Response to Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions India, M.P.
  1. DearSirs,
    Please guide me how myself be useful member of our Muslim society. I am qualified,
    experienced and have knowledge of Islam and culture. I am now 56 and want to do
    something for our society in Utter Pradesh. I belong to Sultanpur district which is only 60 kms from Faizabad/Babri Masjid. I am very will in urdu and can write and speak English also. I am thinking now to start some technical school when I can give training
    of carpentry, welding , electrician works and carpets/rugs weaving or I should
    open madrasa and give elementary education to poor muslim young boys who can
    not affort to go to madrasa and get education of Quran reading and reciting.
    Please give me your guidance.
    Thanks and Best Regards

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