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Islam For All campaign launched in Maharashtra

Posted on 06 January 2015 by Admin_markaz

Islam For All campaign launched in Maharashtra

Mumbai, 05 Jan 2015: ‘We like to change hearts, not the religion,’ Taufique Aslam Khan, President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra said while launching Jamaat’s Islam For All campaign here on Saturday. The 10-days statewide Dawah Campaign was kicked off in Mumbai.


With a target to reach three crore people through the campaign, Jamaat has planned 7 caravans that will reach every nook and corner of the state with the massive use of social networking tools like whatsapp, facebook, twitter.


Explaining the objective of the campaign Engineer Taufiq Aslam Khan said, ‘Hum Mann parivartan chahte hain, dharm parivartan nahi’ (We like to win hearts of our countrymen and not the conversion). The problems like female foeticide, corruption, terrorism, sexual harassment, inequality, farmers suicide will be addressed. “We like to present the solutions of the problem that our state and the country are facing in the light of the teachings of Islam” Mr. Khan said.


Keeping pace with the times, three free android mobile applications in multiple vernacular languages- Qur’an For All, Islam For All and Muhammad For All were also launched by the Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammed Jafar to acquaint our fellow countrymen with the beautiful message of Islam.


Explaining the content of the mobile apps, Shaikh Mateen, General Secretary of the State said, “QuranForAll apps contains the translation of the Holy Quran in Marathi and will be updated in other Indian Languages. Likewise, MuhammadForAll is the app that depicts the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Marathi and will be updated in other Indian Languages.


IslamForAll App, at present contains few books on the basic Teachings of Islam in Marathi langugae and a handbook on the campaign IslamForAll. Later, the books on the other topics and other Indian languages will be updated.


“We produced short videos, digital stickers, books pamphlets and are using short fiction films based explaining the solutions of the problems”, said Mohammed Samee, the Convenor of the campaign.


Speaking at the inaugural program, Mr. Arun Gadve Patil, former President of Maratha Seva Sangh, said he was deeply inspired with the holistic guidance offered in the Qur’an for a morally upright life and earnestly appealed to the Muslims to spread its message to one and all. He emphasized that just as Islam was successful in purging Arab society from all its social evils 1400 years back, it is the only solution to all our problems today, provided it is implemented in letter and spirit.


Prof. B. M. Herdekar from Shivaji University, Kolhapur was all praise for Prophet Muhammad and his anti-apartheid policies. He said that the rights Islam has enshrined in favour of all human beings and women in particular need to be conveyed to the world so that plausible solutions to our social concerns can be delivered.


Religious scholars from all major Islamic schools of thought- Shia, Sunni and Ahle Hadees shared not only the stage but were also unanimous in their support for JIH’s noble campaign! Maulana Khaleelur Rahman Sajjad Nomani, Hafiz Jameel Ahmad (Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Malegaon), Shia scholar Syed Zaheer Abbas Rizvi (Zainabiyah Trust), Maulana Abdul Hameed Daryabadi (GS, All India Ulema Council) and Maulana Abdul Hameed Azhari (Kul Jamati Tanzeem, Malegaon) spoke at length about the campaign being the need of the hour. In one voice, they said that it is the primary responsibility of all Muslims to propagate the universal message of Islam among all human beings since it is Islam alone which guarantees peace and prosperity to each and every person- both in this life as well as in the hereafter.


The presidential address was delivered by the Vice-President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Muhammad Jafar who expounded upon the various social vices we face today and the solutions Islam offers for each one of them. He encouraged all Muslims to make the mission of dawah the mission of their lives.

7 Responses to Islam For All campaign launched in Maharashtra
  1. mazhar farooque says:

    Definitely Islam for All
    Not for only Muslims,
    Allah iss muhim ko bradran e watan ko Naar e Jahannum se bachane ka Zarya banaye,

  2. faheem kureshi says:

    Thise is one way to increase the relations between muslim and sanatan dharam

  3. shah abdul hannan says:

    Islam is for all.It saves humanity from idol worship, caste system, class system.Islam ensures basic equality and honour of all.All should accept Islam if they are convinced.All should read standard Islamic literature.

    • Rohan Rajput says:

      Can islam stop terrorism?
      If it can the why are people yet beheaded by the jihadis!

  4. Yaseen Baig says:

    One of the most meaningful programme.

  5. ukkasha says:


  6. Alhamdulillah very nice massage for humanity. WE all dua to Allah subhanatala guide us on Quran and Hadith path

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