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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns Assam Govt for announcing to shut down state-run madrassas

Posted on 10 October 2020 by Admin_markaz


New Delhi, 10 Oct. 2020: Markazi Taleemi Board (Central Education Board) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has condemned the Assam education minister for announcing to shut down all the Government run madrassas and ceasing their funding from next month.

Chairman of Jamaat’s Markazi Taleemi Board, Mr. Nusrat Ali said, “on the one hand, the government talks about making universalization of education and connecting the socially and educationally backward classes with the education under the National Education Policy. On the other hand, the BJP government of Assam is adopting anti-Muslim policy by withholding financial supports of Muslim institutions. Following in the footsteps of the central government which is passing anti-people laws in this Corona pandemic period, the state government of Assam is also taking anti-people decisions.”

Calling the Assam government’s move as reprehensible, Mr.Nusrat Ali has cautioned the state that the decision not only will discontinue education of thousands of students studying in Madrassa but also it will leave teachers and staff jobless. In this regard, he said, “the National Commission for Minorities, the Union Education Ministry and the Ministry of Minority Affairs should take note of this decision of the Assam Government.”

Demanding the Assam government to take back the decision, Mr.Nusrat Ali asserted that the Jamaat’s education board would pursue all democratic and legal means for maintaining madrassas’ financial support.

The Chairman of the Jamaat’s education board has said that the Assam education minister has argued that the government cannot sponsor religious educational institutes. However, the Alia madrassa system has been functioning for almost a century in the state. “The present government has now taken the decision to target a particular community for achieving political goals,” he added.

Calling on the Assam Government to reverse its decision of closing down Madrassas, the Jamaat’s education board advised the government to focus on resolving the existing problems in the state, rather than creating new ones.



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