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Jamaat-e-Islami Endorses AAP, Says Party is New Alternative

Posted on 06 January 2014 by admin


NEW DELHI, Jan 6 — The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has asked the community to shun the Congress and back the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party, a move likely to worry the grand old party that is counting on minorities to stem anti-incumbency, reported Hindustan Times. This is the first time since the Jamaat’s participation in elections in 2002 that it has come out so strongly against the Congress.

“Muslims now strongly feel they should reconsider their position regarding Congress,” Jamaat’s secretary general Maulana Nusrat Ali said after concluding internal discussions on a range of issues. “The formation of Aam Aadmi Party’s government in Delhi is generally being welcomed in the country. We consider these new trends as notable and reassuring.”

Founded in 1941 by Syed Abul Ala Maududi with the goal of spreading Islamic values, the Jamaat once shunned direct participation in elections, including voting — a move emblematic of its complex relationship with democracy.

The Jamaat, like many Muslim organizations, was initially cagey in its support for the anti-corruption agitation led by Anna Hazare and Kejriwal, preferring to adopt a wait-and-watch policy.

But virtually endorsing AAP on Sunday, the Jamaat said the 15-month-old party had emerged as a new alternative.

“The feeling of the Muslim community is getting stronger that they should reconsider their position regarding Congress, which is neglecting them,” Ali said.

“We have to wait for the moment where AAP will be able to convince the larger Muslim community. The Jamaat’s political standing isn’t very strong, but it is the single religious organisation which can impact voting in north India,” said Sanjeer Alam, an assistant professor at the Delhi-based Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

The Jamaat has, in recent years, undergone an ideological shift towards democracy and pluralism, titling left. It has advocated criminalizing homosexuality, socialist policies and is fiercely anti-American.



11 Responses to Jamaat-e-Islami Endorses AAP, Says Party is New Alternative
  1. rehan says:

    Is this a position of Jamaat in the coming Parlimentary election or just a twisted news item in papers

  2. Mujahid Zamir says:

    I think this would b a good move ,since AAP’s emergence its sounds they have indomitable will to rectify the system ,I also strongly recommend not to go for wait-and-watch policy ..Jamaat should go ahead and rectify them too about many matters like homosexuality ,vandematram etc.

  3. Qameruddinkhan says:

    AAP is as said is party on issue based, so Muslims also can deal with AAP on Issues and support/vote. Before Elections AAP is under estimated by almost all MOs (muslims orgns.) the reason is again lack of “foresight” or “door andeshi” “door darshata” . We muslims in India really need a strong and good “leader”, a leader having a foresightedness of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Moulana Azad. But at the same time producing “muslim leaders” is a must. we must encourage new comers new blood to lead the muslim masses. Prior to that, a platform or at least “on-line” lessons, should be there for “teaching” the necessities and basics of leadership qualities. At present APP should be accepted as the best option with pre-poll open agreement as did in karnataka. AAP is good and effective for local state level issues only. JIH should teach, prepare and encourage youngsters to become leaders.

    AAP is very good at state level politics. AAP should contest all states elections and deal with corruption, lessening VIP culture, controlling price hikes etc at lower level in all states. Present AAP policies is good and effective and accepted appreciated by masses all over India. AAP should go in state Assemblies.
    WHY we cant a deal PrePoll open agreement with regional parties on local state level ISSUES, as did in karnataka, and another open agreement with another party for LokSabha elections. JIH to concentrate encouraging new comers youngsters new blood into politics. Training required to muslims to become future leaders. JIH also required to play a BRIDGE role between govt. and muslim masses to get implemented various welfare schemes.

  4. Abdul Mubeen says:

    Its true we alternative of congress that is AAP and WPI but my question is , Have Jamat enquire about their foundation and whose there in behind AAP.

  5. Abdul Mubeen says:

    Its true we have alternative of congress that is AAP and WPI but my question is , Have Jamat enquire about their foundation and whose there in behind AAP.

  6. JAVED says:

    salaam endorsing on AAP, arn’t we making WPI weak…,…

  7. Imroz Alam says:

    as,salamo alaikum
    sabhi musalmano ko aap ka sath dena chahie kiyon ke ye cruption ke khilaf uthi hai.hindu muslim jat pat kisi baat ko nahi uthati hai.iske liye uske pas ek system hai.

  8. Fwad Khan says:

    @Javed: Endorsing AAP doesnt mean we are making WPI weak, rather it can make strong strong third front by the Alliance of WPI & AAP.

  9. IMROZ ALAM says:

    assalamo alaikum
    agar aap log apni baat pure hindustan men pahuchana chahte hain to khas khas baten urdu ya hindi men bhi likhe .kiyon ki sabhi log engliah nahi jante hain.madri juban ki jagah dusri juban nahi le sakti hai.is baat ka dhiyan maulana maududi (r.a) ne bhi rakhi thi. aur sab se bari baat ye hai k is baat ka dhiyan khud allah ne bhi rakha jo sab se bara hakim hai.

  10. hakim says:

    i am muslim

  11. AQUIB says:

    This article clearly proving intellectual defects in understanding of politics.Swinging b/w aap & congress is a jokers job.Compromising with Islam is like accepting kufr

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