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Karnataka religious leaders join hands against homosexuality

Posted on 09 February 2014 by Admin_markaz


Bangalore, 09 Feb 2014: Leaders of different religions in Karnataka have joined hands against homosexuality and asked the government not to come under pressure to legalize this unnatural act.

Under the banner of Karnataka Dharmika Sauharda Vedike, the religious leaders held a press conference here on 06 Feb in support of stable family and against homosexuality. They welcomed the recent Supreme Court order upholding the sanctity of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code which holds homosexuality as a criminal offense.

The conference was addressed by Maulana Mohammad Yousuf Kanni, Convenor, Karnataka Dharmika Sauharda Vedike, Bangalore, Shree Shivarudra Mahaswamigalu, Belimata Mahasamsthana, Bangalore, Mr. Gyani Baldev Sing, Priest, Sri Gurusing Sabha, Bangalore, Dr. Belgami Mohammad Saad, Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka, Maulana Maqsood Imran Saheb, Imam, City Jamia Masjid, Bangalore and Father Ronnie Prabhu, PRO Archbishop, Bangalore.

They issued a joint declaration in support of stable family, healthy society and against homosexuality.

“The recent decision of Supreme Court reinstating section 377 of IPC is in tune with the religious teachings, moral values, traditions and ethos of this country. The earlier decision of Delhi high court in 2009 had decriminalized homosexuality paving way for further erosion of family values under western cultural influence,” the religious leaders said.

“Homosexuality strikes at the very root of family and society. It is an immoral and unnatural act of perversion, which not only prevents procreation and progress of human race, but also destroys the family system and social relations,” they further said.

While welcoming the SC order they urged the government not to override Section 377 of IPC.

“We welcome the decision of the Supreme Court and urge the government not to tamper with section 377 of IPC under pressure from certain groups on the pretext of individual freedom and rights,” they said in the joint declaration.

2 Responses to Karnataka religious leaders join hands against homosexuality
  1. jaffer says:

    we have raise the issue in Assemblies and Parliments rather than streets we have to approach UNO in this regard there is no representation at their office about muslims grievences our struggle should not be imaginary and tricky but effictive impressive
    raise the issues of mulims concern indian, nepal, Srilanka (masacre of Mulsims during prayer by LTTE) Mayanmar (burma) and in African Countries.
    Ask the OIC, GCC , UNO to take action about this

  2. muazzam says:

    we have to systemetically educate the people about value based family structure that mostly stressed by islam rather than penal law,only than we can effectively restrict this heinous,immoral act.

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