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Maulana Omari sad at death sentence to Bangladesh Jamaat leader

Posted on 30 October 2014 by Admin_markaz

Quran can bring man from darkness to light copy

New Delhi, 30 Oct 2014: Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari, Amir (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has expressed deep sorrow at death sentence awarded to Bangladesh Jamaat Islami chief and country’s popular political leader Maulana Mutiur Rahman Nizami by disputed war crime tribunal set up by the Shaikh Hasina Wajid government. Maulana Omari termed the death sentence as trampling of justice and human rights and mockery of moral and Islamic values.

Maulana Omari said: While the Bangladesh government is being condemned across the world for the death of very elderly leader of Bangladesh Jamaat Islami Prof. Ghulam Azam in the custody of the government a few days back, by awarding death sentence to another leader of Jamaat, Mutiur Rahman Nizami, the government has orchestrated its barbaric revengeful attitude and thus maligned the image of Islam, Muslims and also Bangladesh in the world. It will be in the interest of all if Bangladesh government refrains from it.

Amir-e Jamaat wondered as to why the Shaikh Hasina government is ignoring the fact that to run her government in the past, she has allied with the same Jamaat whose leaders she wants to eliminate one by one. She, therefore, must answer the question: If those people were not criminals (indeed they weren’t) when she allied with them in the past, then how have they become criminals now?

Maulana Omari advised Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina Wajid and her government not to leave Deen and justice just to please anti-Islam imperialist forces. They should fear accountability before Allah and release all leaders and members of Bangladesh Jamaat Islami from jails. This will help them restore the reputation of their country also.

7 Responses to Maulana Omari sad at death sentence to Bangladesh Jamaat leader
  1. muhammad shakir mirza says:

    zalim sarkar

    islam dushman sarkar
    nikammi sarkar
    bangla desh sarkar

  2. muhammad shakir mirza says:

    beshak inki kartoot to yahi sabit karti hr ki inke dil khof e khuda se khali he or ye insaf se fire huye he
    ALLAH inhe hidayat de or ummat ko socho fikr e islami ata kar

  3. gh.hassan says:

    Shaikh Hasina’s determination of eliminating Islamic inteligentia one by one in her country clearly indicate her political frustration. She is hopeful to have a very weak pol.opposition in future left by her.But she should remember that by doing so she has committed sucide, because Almighty never forgive her, for she has let ruin the great and gracious ulma-e-deen in the four walls of jail.she is a dull,bogus, revengeful,mischievous, narrow minded, self styled lady. She is having no conception of humanity and justice. She has created a terrifing image of her country in the Muslim world, although she is or would be praised by the west. How for will she please her Aakaz? Shaikh Hasina ko yad rakhna chahyay ….ki… Islam zinda hota hay her karbala kay bad.

  4. Moutasim Billah says:

    Jamaat-e-Islami Hind need to send more strong and continuous message towards Bangldesh Sheikh Hasina Govt not to take any injustice against Bangladesh Jamaat-e- Islami Leaders through All national and International Body, media and organizations.

  5. parwezjamal says:

    Jalim hukumat jald he fanna hogi.

  6. abu ubaida says:

    Shaikh hasina ko apne chashme nikalna chahiye q ki unki akal sirf aadhi hai mardo ke mukabil . Our koi bhi kurbani jaya nahi hoti hai .

  7. Suhail Sheikh says:

    It is sad that Jamaat is concerned about the punishment given to one man in Bangladesh because he belongs to the same group, but Jamaat e Islami is quiet and unconcerned about the genocide being perpetrated in Syria and Iraq by Assad, Iran backed mercenaries and Iraq government.

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