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Quran promotes religious harmony, says Amir-e Jamaat while releasing audio-visual software of English translation

Posted on 12 March 2014 by Admin_markaz


New Delhi, 12 March 2014: “The topic of the holy Quran and the issues discussed in it are all related to mankind and their complete life. It also categorically challenges human beings to either accept the way of life presented in it or else bring forth something better that can be adopted. No one has ever come forward with such a challenge and for 1400 years it has stood its ground.” These views were expressed by Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omri, Amir-e Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in his presidential address at the releasing ceremony of the Audio-Visual software of the English Translation of the Holy Quran. The program was organized by Dept. of Dawah, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.
Quran promotes religious harmony, says Amir-e Jamaat while releasing audio-visual software of English translation

“The Quran states that the whole universe has been created and is being governed by none other than Allah. Being part of the universe human beings should also follow His commandments and lead their life according to His guidance,” Maulana Omri said.

He also stated that that Quran provides guidance for all the aspects of human life and rejects monasticism in all its forms. It also teaches us to put our complete trust in Allah as He is the only hope when all hope is lost. Allah has revealed His guidance in the Holy Quran and it is upto mankind to accept or reject it. There is no compulsion or coercion in Islam. All human beings are free to choose the religion and way of life of their choice and this freedom should not be curtailed in any manner.

Mohammad Iqbal Mulla, secretary of the Jamaat and head of the Dept. of Dawah, in his opening speech gave a brief introduction of the Audio-Visual software and also introduced the speakers and chief guest to the audience. He also called upon the Muslims to do their utmost to try and remove the misconceptions about the holy Quran and to present it to all mankind as we have been entrusted with this task by Allah. We should also try to become living example of the holy Quran.

Er. Amrit Sheersh speaking on this occasion said that we all need to study the Quran as it inculcates spirituality and happiness.

The chief guest of the program Wasi Nomani, Advocate, Supreme Court said that in 1981 a conference was held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on “Embryology” and all the scientists present there came to the unanimous conclusion that the Quran is The Book of Allah. No religious scripture can claim to be in its original state as it was revealed. It is only the Quran that has remained unaltered from the day it was revealed and there is no contradiction in it. The scientists in the conference, after two days of deliberation, observed that the stages of development of the embryo in the mother’s womb follows the same stages as described in them the Quran only Quran 1400 years ago.

Dr. Gyan Chand, prominent Vedic Scholar, said that the greatest achievement of the Quran is that it enforces the belief in God. He said that one would benefit only if one has faith in God. He called on the Muslims to acquaint their Hindu friends with the teaching of the Quran.

Abdul Rab Karimi was the convener of the program which was attended by many prominent personalities, scholars and others. Waris Husain thanked all the speakers and audience for their participation.

5 Responses to Quran promotes religious harmony, says Amir-e Jamaat while releasing audio-visual software of English translation
  1. Shabbir Hussain says:

    Indeed, Qura’an is the Book of Guidance to the entire mankind and the solution to the problems !!!

  2. Faheem Ahmed says:

    How do we purchase this software, is it available online? Please advise

  3. Shah Abdul Hannan says:

    Another good effort of JIH—shah Abdul Hannan

  4. waheed ahmed says:

    Mashallah the need of the hour is to spread teaching of Quran to our non muslim brothers. Muslims has greater responsibiliry to understand Quran, practice and preach others.

  5. Shabir Ahmad says:

    How and where from can we download or purchase this software

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