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Seerat Conference by Jamat-e-Islami Hind in Lucknow (U.P.)

Posted on 11 March 2012 by admin

Lucknow, March 11, 2012: Jamat-e-Islami Hind Lucknow zone organized a conference on the Seerat (Life) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) here at Iram Degree College in Indira Nagar. The conference got started with the recitation and translation of the holy Quran. Maulana Ubaidullah Azhar presented a beautiful and heart-touching na’at at the starting of the conference.

Jb. Shahid Ali Sahab Ameer-e-Maqami, JIH Lucknow, delivered the inaugurating speech. In his address, after praising the Almighty Allah, he said, “We had and have even today an ideal example in the    Prophet’s life (pbuh). The uniformity in statements and actions of Prophet (pbuh) has been a great evidence of his truth and message. This uniformity is also seen in his invitation that no one is better than the other except on the basis of Taqwa. Pray to one and only God. He not only presented the best depiction of moral values in his own character, but also formed a society based on these characteristics. His teachings are more relevant and required in today’s scenario. By adopting his character and following his teachings, Muslim Ummah can achieve the heights of the humankind. Today, our love for the worldly desires and fear of death are main causes of our fall. The First Qibla is in the danger of demolition. Muslims are being terrorized throughout the world in the name of terrorism. Muslim youths are being arrested and tortured. Muslims are being drowned in their own blood. But our youths have played a key role everywhere by presenting the Islamic teachings and the life-sketch of the Prophet (pbuh) through several periodicals and publications in today’s information-oriented world. We all should make efforts for this purpose on our own level.”

Jb. Masihur-rehman Sahab said in his address, “The Students Islamic Organization (a unit of Jamat-e-Islami Hind) was formed on 19 October, 1982 with the objective of making students and youth aware of the importance of Islam in life. We should think over the worst current situation and the directions of the society we are living in. The students are being spoiled and captured in wrongful deeds. The vulgarity and shamelessness are common in campuses today. SIO is making immense efforts to correct the youths’ attitude and character through the means of Dars-e-Quran and healthy discussions on Islamic teachings. It is emphasizing that the Quran and the Life of Prophet (pbuh) is for the benefit of the all humankind. The members of SIO say to the Muslim youths that they should prefer getting up early in the morning for prayer rather than sleeping for late. We should think about Our Lord who has created us. Which is the best business that can save us from the torture of the hell? The SIO says to the students that if we give the correct input, we will get the correct output. The correct input is: Have strong faith in Allah and struggle in His path. The output will be that Allah will forgive you of your sins and award you with the Jannat in hereafter. We should see inside us and think what the objective of our life is. We will find that the objective of our life is to please Allah by following His commandments. The members of SIO present the message of Quran in the form of different simple formulas. They make the society aware of evils; present the correct system of Economy according to Quran; and also discuss several other issues in the light of the Quran.

Maulana Zaki Nadwi Sahab said in his speech, “The people should be taught Islam with affecting their basic instincts given to them by Allah. But most of the people are unaware of it. That’s why Allah has sent His messengers in every period of the human history to shower His mercy on us. The last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has also been sent with the Quran for the guidance of the whole humankind. This is the blessing of Allah on us. In Quran, Allah has mentioned the importance of youths by illustrating the story of the Companions of Qahaf (Asahab-e-Qahaf). This story gives us the message that youths must have a good and strong character. They should have the knowledge of this world as well as the knowledge of hereafter. Knowledge is not divided in the sections of religious and worldly knowledge. The knowledge which helps us to please our Creator is beneficial in this world as well as in hereafter. The scientific knowledge that proves the existence of Allah is better. Such knowledge is a good medium to please our Lord. After the battle of Badr, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received knowledge of different things from the prisoners. Although this was the worldly knowledge yet, it was beneficial. That’s why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked the prisoners to teach the believers. Today, we should give such education to our young generation that helps them to build good characters armoured with the highest moral values. That’s why our Prophet had emphasized on learning about different things along with the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. We should not give preference to the theory and principles spread by any creature rather than the commandments of our Creator. There will be seven types of people saved from the severity on the Day of Judgment. Among them will be the youths who had spent their lives in this world according to the prescription of Allah and they will be under the blessings of Allah. Youths should show respect to elders and love to younger everywhere inside and outside their homes. The life of the Prophet (pbuh) before the Prophethood was better in character and actions than the other youths of Mecca. The Prophet (pbuh) had declared after the Mecca-Victory that no one will be exploited or terrorized in the state. To stop the flirting affairs in youths, he ordered wives to respect their husbands; and husbands to love their wives. He himself was a very good husband. He would tell his wife Khadija (r.a.) everything about the loss and profit in the business along with his experiences. Today, our youths should follow the path as shown by the Prophet (pbuh).

Maulana Jehangir Alam Qasmi Sahab said, “Allah has sent His messengers on the earth so that mankind should follow them to attain peace in this world and success in hereafter. In every prayer, we, Muslims pray to Allah for the right path. Allah has given His book, the Quran, and has ordered us to follow the path described in the book for success in this world as well as in hereafter. But unfortunately, we do not study Quran. Although we have a sufficient intelligence for everything yet, we do not use it to understand the Quran. On the occasion of his last haj pilgrimage, the Prophet (pbuh) had ordered Muslims to respect the lives and properties of one another as they respect the days of haj. But it is very unfortunate that people today do not take care of halal (legal) and haram (illegal) earnings and perform Islamic rituals even the sacred haj with such earnings. The Prophet (pbuh) had instructed us not to disrespect the people and to take care of their honour and respect as our own. He had told us that very soon we all would meet our Lord and then he would ask us about our deeds. We should not be such ignorant by killing and destroying people unnecessarily. The Prophet (pbuh) had said that all the traditions and rituals of ignorance are abolished by Islam. He had ordered us not to follow anything against the rules of Islam. That’s why it becomes obligatory for us to test everything on the basis of the Quran and Hadith. Today, we have so many innovated wrong rituals and traditions in our daily life from birth to marriage and death. The Prophet (pbuh) had prohibited the all types of interest completely but, today many Muslims are involved in this business. The Prophet (pbuh) has ordered us to fear from Allah about our women and their care entitled to us.”

Maulana Rafiq Qasmi Sahab said, “In the Quran, Allah says that He has sent Muhammad (pbuh) as his blessing for the whole world. We are also a part of this world. We will be very much fortunate if we could get the least share of this blessing. The Prophet (pbuh) had given the message of peace to the mankind from the mountain of Safa. For a long period of time, he continuously had been spreading his message among the people of Mecca. When the people of Mecca refused to accept his message, he went to the town of Taaif where he had to face a strong refusal to the message of Allah. When Allah sent down an angel to him, he refused that angel to destroy the residents of the town of Taaif. Is it not a thinking point for us that we also should take the message of Allah to the people of this world? But unfortunately, we ourselves are not even trying to get the benefit of this blessing of Allah. In this situation, how can we convey this blessing of Allah to others? If we did not perform this duty, how would we get that heaven which is promised by Allah to be given to only believers and dutiful? We must keep this point in mind that human beings never accept the deceptive things before the crystal clear blessing of truth. That’s why the Prophet (pbuh) had forbidden us to exchange our faith in Islam with worldly benefits. When the Prophet’s uncle asked him to renounce the message of Allah, he replied that he would not do so even for the sun and the moon in exchange. It is very unfortunate that today, we are exhausting ourselves only for the worldly desires and benefits. Today, we have made the Quran a book for cramming instead a book of guidance. We should always remember that going away from the true message and the messenger we get nothing but deception.”

Maulana Waliullah Saedi Falahi Sahab said in his address, “Islam is a faith and ruling of Allah that requires sacrifice in all respects. We should publicize the fact that the correct solutions of all modern problems are in Islam only. We should keep the hereafter on top in our mind every time. The example of the Prophet’s companion Musahab-bin-Umair (r.a.) gives us a great message of sacrifice. Almost 73 persons accepted Islam within a short period of one-year due to his faithful efforts. But when he got martyrdom, he had not sufficient cloth to cover his body for burial. The sermons of the Prophet (pbuh) on his last haj are a charter of human rights, first of its kind in human history. But unfortunately, today we, muslims, ourselves do not accept and follow this charter of human rights. Every deed done by the    Prophet (pbuh) and his companions was not only meant for achieving the happiness of Allah but it also would bring fruitful results. Jamat-e-Islami also works according to this attitude and methodology. We should also spread Islamic awareness among the women also.”

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