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The government is bound to deliver on their promises, or else, the people are entitled to intervene – Ameer e Jamaat

Posted on 06 June 2016 by Admin_markaz

The government is bound to deliver on their promises, or else, the people are entitled to intervene – Ameer e Jamaat


25th May, Malappuram: “The government is bound to deliver on their promises, or else, the people are entitled to intervene”, said Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, the largest Islamic organization in India, while inaugurating a reception ceremony to its national leaders in Malappuram, Kerala.


New governments have been formed in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and West Bengal. Mr. Umari noted that these governments are expected to perform in an exceptional manner catering to the needs of the public.


He also asserted the need to showcase equality of justice and impartiality. “Governments should stand for the entire population and not just for a particular section of the society. Special care should be taken as to address the grievances of marginalized sections of the society and development should mean emancipation of the entire lot”, reiterated Umari.


“Islam is an absolute sheer culture touching every sphere of individual and collective activities of life. It does not compromise on using peaceful means for propagating its ideologies. Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is duty bound to ensure this in an implementation level, both in policy and programme.


The organization has, in its long history, been true to the spirit of this assertion. It is impossible to spot even a single exception in this regard with respect to the organization. However, modern world has been reluctant in ensuring this liberty of dissemination of religious ideologies with respect to Islam, as is evident from recent events in Bangladesh” observed Maulana Umari.


“In Kerala, neither the left nor the right fronts were able to effectively curb the onset of fascist ideologies, resulting in the BJP’s political debut in the state assembly”, said Kerala state Ameer M. I. Abdul Azeez. “The irresponsibility of both the alliances are alarming and frightening.


The new left government is expected to act on behalf of the public opinion defending fascist ideologies in soul and soil”, added Mr. Abdul Azeez.
National General Secretary of the organization, Engineer Muhammed Saleem expressed concerns over equating nasty and appalling bloodsheds happening around the world with Islam and deliberately misleading the public with disgusting Islamophobic rhetorics.


He also addressed the unfortunate roll of events women have to endure in the name of belief and religion across the country and reiterated the commitment to their emancipation.


National Assistant Ameer, T. Arif Ali delivered the principal address. District President V. T. Abdullakoya Thangal concluded the function. District Secretary M. C Naseer gave the welcome speech and C. H. Basheer extended the vote of thanks.




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