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Today, ‘lok’ (the people) have disappeared from ‘Loktantra’ (the democracy) and only ‘tantra’ (the system) is left

Posted on 28 September 2018 by Admin_markaz




“Today, ‘lok’ (the people) have disappeared from ‘Loktantra’ (the democracy) and only ‘tantra’ (the system) is left, the people who ruled the country for 70 years, could not stand to the values of democracy, that is because the public did not ask them,” said Dr. Mohammad Salim Engineer, National General Secretary Forum For Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA) and Jamaat-E-Islami Hind (JIH). He was presiding over a symposium at Pink City Press Club Jaipur, organized by the Rajasthan chapter of  FDCA. “Today the masses are desperate and it is our duty to make them optimistic,” he said. He further said that governments cannot be run on the basis of lies and hatred. The people will have to awake to save democracy, there is no need to worry, we will build an ideal nation, where every person, religious or atheist will have equal liberty to express, Dr. Salim said. He urged the secular parties to unite in order to save democracy, or at least to save themselves as the existence of secular parties is at stake.


Prashant Bhushan, eminent advocate at the apex court of India and an activist, said that our constitution guaranties equality of status and opportunity, if there is no equality, democracy has no meaning, Judicial system has to be corrected to save democracy, employment must be accepted as a fundamental right and media be liberated from any kind of interference. He further added that our constitution guaranties to provide justice to all citizens but most of the people are unable to even enter the courts due to the huge sum they have to spend in order to get justice, today laws are made to curb fundamental rights of the citizens, 70% of the under trials in our jails are those on whom no offence can be proved. The onus of judiciary is to provide justice, to keep the executive within the sphere of constitution and to safeguard the rights of the citizens, but it has been very partially able to execute its duties. Today our whole civilization is in peril, present government must be ousted in order to preserve civilization.


On this occasion, eminent writer and human rights activist Professor Ram Puniyany said that all mob lynchings occurred during the past 4 years, hatred is being spread among the people via books, media and social media. Politics is being done in the name of religion which is dangerous for the democracy he added. He said that in fact there is no party in the country in whose favour one should vote. He was of the opinion that the Hindutva of RSS is composed of Arya race, geographic border and Brahmanic culture, they want bring back the disparity of ancient times and cast system is their central point. The concept of Hindutva was crystalised only against the Muslims. It is time to bring back the values on which the freedom struggle was won, democracy will fail if hatred remains among the masses, he said. He


On this occasion Retired Justice of Rajasthan High Court Pana Chand Jain, former Advocate General state government GS Bapna, former chairman Rajasthan Sahitya Academy Ved Vyas, Chairperson of state Women’s Commission Professor Lad Kumara Jain and President Association For Protection Of Civil Rights (APCR) Advocate Paker Farooq also put their views forth. State President FDCA delivered welcome address, Vice President TC Rahul gave vote of thanks and State Gen. Secretary Dr. M. Iqbal Siddiqui conducted the programme.

(Dr. M. Iqbal Siddiqui)

State General Secratery

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