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English website of Sehroza Dawat launched

Posted on 08 April 2014 by admin


New Delhi, 08 April 2014: The English language website of Sehroza Dawat (Urdu biweekly), India’s esteemed and one of the oldest newspapers, was launched Monday evening by Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari, Amir (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here at the headquarters of the Jamaat.

The Urdu edition of Dawat is already available online at www.dawatonline.com. It was launched in 2009. The new website www.dawatblogs.com will carry English translation of Dawat’s most popular and India’s oldest column Khabar O Nazar, Editorials and other important articles.

In his post-launch speech, Amir-e Jamaat, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari threw light on the long history and past of Dawat from its start in 1951 in Allahbad. He said his first ever article was published in Dawat in 1951 when he was a teenage student at Darus Salaam Omerabad.

He said that not everything published in Dawat is the view of Jamaat. He stressed that Dawat should become a complete organ of the Jamaat in content.

In his inaugural speech, Parwaaz Rahmani, Chief Editor, Sehroza Dawat said many readers of the paper had been demanding its English edition. The new website will, to an extent, fulfil their demand. He also invited suggestions to improve the website.

AU Asif, Senior Journalist and Associate Editor of multi-lingual weekly Chauthi Duniya, took the audience through the journey of Dawat. He said its popular column Khabar O Nazar is perhaps the oldest column in India which has continued in its tone and tenor despite change of Editors in last 50 years. He said soon after Independence and its formation, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind brought out Al-Insaaf a weekly paper which was later rechristened as Dawat in 1951. He said Dawat has had 5 editors in its journey of 59 years.

The launching program was also graced by Mohammad Jafar, Naib Amir (Vice President) of Jamaat, Mohammad Ahmad, Secretary, Dawat Trust (which brings out the Dawat biweekly) and Mohammad Aslam, Manager, Dawat Trust.

14 Responses to English website of Sehroza Dawat launched
  1. rehan says:

    gr8 inititative

  2. Ahamed Ashiq says:

    Without prejudice to people who speak the great language of Urdu, I welcome this as your mussalaman brother. Pls remember like Muslims who speak mother tongue as Urdu there are many number of Muslims who cannot understand Urdu but speak Tamil. They are found in Tamil Nadu, small parts in Kerala, Andhamans, SriLanka, Malaysia , Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar(Rangoon) Hong Kong,Thailand, Fiji, Africas and Arab Countries. Hence appeal it shud be in Tamil also

  3. dr.mohammad alam says:

    I think this is constructive work in present scenario.

  4. Gulam-E-Rabbani Hassan says:

    Alhumdulilla . I congratulate the Dawat trust for bringing out English version of Dawat.Since 20 years I am reading Dawat starting with Khabr o Nazer . May Allah (S W T ) make this web site a source for English readers ,Ameen

  5. jameesh says:

    why jih is confused in the matter if election., wpi and jih is having conflict in supporting same poitical party in same region. in coimbatore jih support dmk and wpi support comunist.

  6. jameesh says:

    i suggest jih to work like an institute. where people learn islam, where people learn moral ethics, where people learn behavior, let people learn from here and work with different social organisation . this yield a better result.

  7. shafeeque hashmi says:

    salam good efforts of dawat

  8. Congrats jb Perwaz sb and his team
    Habib Ahmad

  9. Mukarram khan says:

    This is very good effort by jamaat!

  10. muhammad umar khan says:

    Mashallah this is great achievement of jammat islami hind.May Allah provide al of u great strength and
    vision to work for the supermacy of Islam.our life begins and ends with Islam.our best wishes r with u. special salam to all the great members of jamat islam hind.Regards..Engineer Muhammad Umar Director Idara Tafheem ul Quran

  11. muhammad umar khan says:

    with best wishes to all.Allah hafiz Engineer Muhammad umar

  12. muhammad umar khan says:

    nice to visit ji hind site.Allah hafiz Engineer Muhammad umar

  13. Tasneem Akhtar says:

    Dawat has played great role in the field of journalism as one of the few unbiased mass media. In the past there was advantage in publishing bi-weekly from Weekly as people got update twice a week. However, since information technology has improved drastically, I feel this is time to change Sehroza Dawat to Dawat Daily published from multi locations. At least, web edition can be made daily. When hard copies of dawat reaches readers, the news is already outdated. Surely the views are very valuable. However, for views, readers don’t need biweekly. It can be converted into weekly magazine.
    For English Readers, Radiance Views weekly is already being published with valuable articles.
    English translations of Khabr-o-nazar, editorial, and selected articles may be made available at dawatonline itself rather than managing new blog

  14. I need JIH head office mail id. If it could be provided.
    Khursheed Alam Islahi

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