Islam & Political System

December 17, 2010

“Even after the 60years of independence, more than 25crores of people in our country can hardly manage food once in a day. Condition of the poor people are getting worse as the day passes. Corruption is on the rise. Our Leaders are selling out our lands, roads, farms, & in the way everything to Foreign Companies. Religion being divided into Spiritual & Worldly life, have resulted in such consequences” was said by  Abdul Haseeb (Zonal Advisory Council member, JAMATE-E-ISLAMI HIND, KARNATAKA). He was here in Jamia Masjid Udupi to deliver a talk on the topic ‘Islam & Political system’.

“ Moral values are put aside and system which we have today is totally lack of Values. If this continues, evils like immorality, injustice, hatred will start spreading in our house. Our community must raise to provide an alternate Value based  system. During the rule of Khalifa’s they presented to us an exemplary model of ruling, their activity, their selfless social service or public service were brought to light to the audience by the speakers.
Janab.Ameen ahsan (joint  district organiser JIH Udupi & D.K) spoke Inaugural words. Initially, the Holy Quran was recited by Molana Abdul Rahman khan sheerani, the khateeb of the masjid.
Muhammad Marakada (President, JIH Udupi ) convened the program. Vote of thanks was given by Anwarali (sec.JIH Udupi dist.).

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