JIH Comments on Union Budget; allocation for minorities is meager

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JIH condemns arrest of innocents in terror cases, demands white paper on IM

New Delhi, March 2: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind today came down heavily on the Congress-led UPA government for allowing arrest of innocent Muslim youths in false terror cases and ignoring saffron terror groups who have executed several terror blasts in the country. Jamaat also criticized the government for minuscule amount for the minority community in the national budget.

The officiating Secretary General Muhammad Iqbal Mulla, Secretaries Ejaz Ahmad Aslam, Muhammad Saleem Engineer and Muhammad Ahmad addressed the monthly press conference at JIH Headquarters.

On Victimization of Muslims

Addressing the  press conference the Secretary JIH Maulana Ejaz Ahmad Aslam demanded the government to bring out a white paper on the shadowy terror group Indian Mujahideen. The government should tell the countrymen about those who are running this group.

He further emphasized that Muslim youths are continuously being arrested under the guise of fighting terrorism. False allegations are being levelled against them. And confessions are being procured from them, for the crimes they never committed, by using worst inhuman torture. These youths are implicated in dozens of false cases so that they may not come out of jails for a long period. These methods are being used to continuously mentally torture the Muslim community and intimidate them. This undemocratic exercise is a continuing affair. Our law enforcing agencies first arrest the victims, then use draconian laws like UAPA, throw them behind the bars for a long period and then try to manufacture allegations and impose them upon the victims.

 Specifically mentioning the recent case of Karnataka to highlight the biased terror probe, Jamaat leaders said that in August 2012 about two dozen youths were arrested from different places in Karnataka and Maharashtra. They were accused of hatching a conspiracy to kill prominent Hindutva leaders and journalists in Karnataka. Most of these youths were educated, employed, and belonged to respectable families. But for the lack of proof, NIA has released three of them. Interestingly two of them — Muthi ur Rahman Siddiqui, a journalist with Deccan Herald, Bangalore, and Aijaz Ahmed Mirza, junior research fellow at Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) – were branded by police and media as masterminds, but NIA court has released them following NIA did not file any charge sheet against them.

Muhammad Saleem Secretary JIH added that on one hand DRDO scientist Mirza has been terminated from services despite of NIA court released him and Colonel Purohit accused in Malegaon & other terror attacks and charge sheeted is  continuing on post and regularly getting salaries and all allowances for last four years. This is worst kind of discrimination and example of double standards, there are a large number of such cases in the country. Mr. Saleem also showed the copies of the documents to media persons.

“These events are very shameful in a democratic country. This is the duty of the government to arrest the real culprits of all such terrorist attacks and punish them appropriately so that these unfortunate happenings come to an end,” said JIH leaders.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, had said in Jaipur in AICC Session, that RSS and BJP were promoting Hindu terrorism through their training camps. He had clearly mentioned that RSS and BJP were behind the blasts aboard Samjhauta Express, Makkah Masjid and Malegaon.  But they (RSS, BJP) blamed the minority community for the crime. Afterwards, his ministry gave the names of 10 accused in terror acts, who were connected with RSS. But then under pressure from the saffron parties and threats of protest, he expressed regret and almost withdrew his remarks. The government  is apologetic and horrified from the real face of terrorism despite of evidences repeatedly claimed by the government, cannot have courage to act against them and as result the real terror groups are free and safe and innocent citizens are being victimized by terror attacks and false implications. JIH also strongly criticized a section of media for acting as a court and turning newsroom as court room where the newsmen charge, prosecute and convict terror suspects indirectly castigating the Muslim community.

On Present Situation in Bangladesh

Addressing the pressmen, Jamaat leaders took up the issue of conviction of leaders of Bangladesh Jamaat Islami by the government appointed war tribunal. Our neighbour in the east, Bangladesh, is nowadays passing through very turbulent days. In 2010 it set up a so called International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) to consider accusations of crimes said to have been committed during the 1971 war for independence – targeting opposition parties Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (BJI) and Bangladesh National Party (BNP). Up till now the ICT has pronounced death penalty for two of the accused and life sentence for one. Ruling party Awami League supporters have launched a movement called ‘Shahbagh movement’ against BJI and other Islamic parties. They have also committed blasphemy against God and His Prophet on their social network sites against which powerful mass protests are continuing in the whole country. These developments have given way to violent protests in Dhaka, other cities and all over country.

The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Centre for Transitional Justice, International Bar Association, UK Bar Human Rights Committee, US Ambassador at large for War Crimes Stephen Rapp, Lord Eric Avebury of the British House of Lords and others, in their representations to Dhaka and public statements have made it clear that the ICT trials fall far below the international standard. They have also questioned the very functioning of the tribunal, which is in fact a domestic tribunal without any international oversight.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is concerned because it is not in the interest of either Bangladesh or our country that Bangladesh should become victims of chaos. As a neighbour, it is our duty to save Bangladesh from plunging into a civil war. Therefore, we urge our Government here to impress upon Dhaka to abolish the so-called War Crimes Tribunal and stop atrocities on Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamic organisation.

On prosecution of leaders in Bangladesh, Jamaat Secretary (Media), Ejaz Ahmed Aslam said: What is going on in Bangladesh is part of larger international conspiracy to suppress Islamists all over the world. It is not in the interest of Bangladesh and the Muslim community.

On Union Budget 2013-14

Commenting on union budget for year 2013-14  Muhammad Saleem Engineer Secretary JIH said:

Total allocation of budget for education is 65,867 crores  which is very small and for defence is 2,03,672 crores.

The budget allocation for development of minorities is only 3,511 crores  in the total budget of 16,65297  crores. If we compare this with allocation for SC and ST it is highly disappointing and shows discriminatory mindset of the government. SC with population 16% has been allocated 41,000 crores, ST with population 8% has been allocated 24,000 crores while minorities with population more than 15% has been allocated only one tenth according to the SC, ST allocations. Many of the schemes for minorities has been dropped in this years budget due to non releasing of funds last year.  Further it is painful to note that the fund released to the ministry during the last year was only 70% of the fund earmarked. The failure is either on the part of the government to release the funds or on the part of the ministry to utilize the same.

It is however satisfactory  that the government of India has included Aligarh Muslim University along with Banaras Hindu University and others in the institutes of excellence qualifying for an assistance of Rupees hundred crores for development. The doubling in the corpus fund of Maulana Azad Educational Foundation from 750 crore rupees to 1500 crore rupees is also welcome. However the marginal increase in the provision of fund for the ministry of minority affairs as compared to that provided last year is insufficient.

The budget document says that food inflation is high but it ignores a pertinent cause of this malaise. One of the major causes of food inflation is the commodity forward and futures trading in agricultural products which have encouraged speculative market not related to their respective supply or demand. We demand that speculation and gaming in the market in general and those in food items should be stopped for good. Islam stands for healthy market practices related with supply and demand of products.

Taking questions from the mediamen on terror arrest of Muslim youths, he asked the government: How long will all this continue? How long will be Muslims denied opportunities for development? How long will they be projected as terrorist? Govt. should explain. Govt. should bring out a white paper on Indian Mujahideen – who are these people, who are running it.

Muhammad Saleem Engineer (Secretary, Public Relations) said: It is a grave danger for the country that no action is being taken against the real terrorists, they have influenced the media and intelligence agencies. Govt. too looks frightened as it is evident from the Home Minister withdrawing statement on saffron terror.

When asked if Jamaat talking to MPs to raise the issue of Muslim youths in Parliament, Mohammad Ahmed (Secretary, Social Affairs) said he has talked to some MPs  and he has promised to raise the issue in Rajya Sabha.

Answering the question about Gujrat Chief Minister Modi, Mohammad Saleem Engineer said: Leave alone talking and cooperating with Modi, Muslims cannot tolerate and accept those leaders who have soft corner for him. A lobby is trying to influence Muslims  to accept Modi but we are sure that they wouldn’t succeed.

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