Ulema must play the role of true guide for masses

April 25, 2010

JIH Bihar organized a seminar on ‘Role of Islamic scholars in building Islamic society’. The seminar was presided by Secretary JIH Jb.Rafeeq Qasmi.The program was attended by representative of various mosques and madarsa of the city. Hafiz Abdul mateen started the program with his recitation of Quran followed by JIH Patna president who delivered the inaugural words.
Abu Nasr Farooq was the first speaker to express his ideas on this subject. Later representative of Ahle hadeeth,patna Maulana Anzar ahmed shared his view on this subject pressing on need of discussion on such issues. Maulana Ateequllah Qasmi was the next speaker to deliver his lecture. He insisted that scholars must exhibit high moral values and their personality must be an ideal in the society. Maulana Khalid Anwar and Maulana Ziyaur rahman qasmi were among the speakers too.
Concluding the seminar, the president of the seminar Maulana Rafeeq Qasmi said that masses must believe and trust scholars of Islam. He pressed the need of spreading the message of Islam among non Muslims, he also asked scholars to strive for establishment of Deen. He insisted that scholars are the true guide of masses and they must play the role of a guide. Program ended with vote of thanks expressed by JIH Patna president Rizwan Ahmed Islahi


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