JIH President says building a strong family and a strong society is need of the hour; to launch 10-day campaign ‘Strong Family Strong Society’ from 19 Feb.



New Delhi , 10 Jan.2021: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has affirmed that building a strong family and a strong society is the need of the hour.

A webinar has been organized by the JIH to introduce the 10-day countrywide campaign – ‘Strong Family Strong Society’ – to be observed next month from February 19. Officials JIH, SIO and GIO from across the country participated in the webinar. The campaign will be organized by the JIH Women’s wing.


Speaking at the webinar, the JIH President has said that the Jamaat is working with leaders of different religions to remove evils from the society. He continued, “the Western world first conceived and embraced the idea of ‘liberalism’.  However, currently even the Western and the developed societies are beginning to realize that protection of the family is necessary and now they want to restore a strong family institution. However, in the wake of the lifestyle and moral concepts which have been popularized in the last centuries, it is not possible to reinstate social and moral values. So, the last resort to re-establish the family system is in Islam. Because, the family concept of Islam is in compliance with the God’s commands.”


Elaborating the aims and objectives of the campaign, the JIH President said, “the target of this campaign will be to make our Muslim society an ideal family. There will also be an effort to focus on the non-Muslim societies. There, too, attention would be paid on family related issues for building a society on universal principles.”


On this occasion, JIH Secretary General T. Arif Ali released the logo of the campaign. This logo has been designed by Ms. Iram Rehman from Chhattisgarh.

The JIH Secretary General has said that family is the basic unit of the society. “If family will be prosperous then the society and the country will also become prosperous.  Therefore, efforts will be made to make every family of our society prosperous during this campaign,” he added.


JIH National Co-Secretary of Women’s Department, Mrs.Rahmat-un-Nisa while explaining the campaign objectives, stated that the need and importance of the family and family related issues were felt desperately during the lockdown. “Therefore, it was decided to conduct this campaign. The well balanced and practical family system of Islam will be highlighted among the people in a positive way. Efforts will be made to bring all like-minded people together to discuss it,” she added. She has instructed the cadre to be role models for others and also make sure that their family sets an example in the society in this regard.



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