In The Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

 I am pleased to present the ‘Term Plan’ of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind from April 2023 to March 2027. We pray to Allah to make this plan a cause for goodness and grant us the opportunity and grace to implement all that is good in it with its full spirit. Aamin!

This ‘Term Plan’ is being presented at a very critical and decisive point in the history of our country and the Muslim community. Given the world scenario, there is no doubt that currently, our beloved country possesses extraordinary opportunities in many aspects. India has now become the most populous country in the world. This large population has provided it with an abundance of human resources. The overall wealth and financial resources of our country are also developing rapidly. Despite the strong global wave of materialism and debauchery, the deep effects of religion and its moral precepts are still there in our general population. These moral values are also a great strength of our country. If the resources and opportunities are valued and properly utilized, if there is an ambience of peace and fraternity in the country, if our moral conditions improve and if there is a fair and just distribution of resources, we can play an important role at the global level and become an exemplar of values for the world to emulate.

But unfortunately, at such a historic juncture which is full of opportunities for growth and development, the monster of communalism and hatred has gripped our country in its bloodstained clutches. The poison of communalism emanating from racist political ideas and narrow-minded short-term interests has vitiated government institutions and general society. As a result, the country’s social fabric, religious tolerance, and the rule of law have been seriously compromised, and it is becoming difficult to speak and listen to truth and justice. This aggressive communalism has also joined hands with the Islamophobic movement of global imperialism. Hence, defamation of Islam, linking it with terrorism, and the promotion of insurgency or extremism within the Muslim Ummah is now included in its goals. The main objectives of communal aggression are creating division in society, causing a climate of constant tension and animosity between different religious groups in the country, developing misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims, demoralizing Muslims, and triggering acts of violence against them.

The manifestation of this communal short-sightedness is that the ruling elite is neither focused on the possibilities and opportunities that are presently available to the country nor is it concerned with the real problems of the country. Corruption, crimes, oppression, exploitation, and moral crisis are touching alarming levels. Economic inequality is not only at its peak but is continuously increasing. Despite the enormous generation of wealth, its concentration in a few hands has deprived the great majority of the people of the benefits of economic development. Constitutional bodies are in decline, resulting in the rise of autocracy. Both the media, which is considered the conscience of the country, and the education system, which generates the intellectual power of the country, are succumbing to the communal forces.

However, the promising aspect is that a large number of thoughtful people in the country are realizing the likely dire consequences of this situation and are anxious to change it. This hysterical obsession with communalism is an unnatural situation. We hope that eventually, the conscience of this country will wake up against this destructive trend. In the past, the rise of extremist movements and the resulting bloodshed in many countries of the world have paved the way for concrete reforms in the systems. Therefore, it will not be a misplaced hope that disturbance and mischief created by the communal forces will become a means for lasting reforms in the country in the near future. In-Sha-Allah!

In these circumstances, the responsibility of the Muslim Ummah increases twofold. It must stand up as the saviour of the country. Muslims are a group that is based on beliefs, principles and ideas. They are “khair e ummat” (the best community), which implies that their responsibility cannot be limited to themselves. They are “ukhrijat lin naas” (raised for humankind) and so they are responsible for all humanity. They are “shuhada alan naas” (witness unto humankind), which means they have to bear witness to the truth over all other communities. They are “ummat e wasat” (the moderate community), who has been entrusted with the task of protecting people from all kinds of intemperance. They are “qawwamina bil qist” (upholders of justice) and so their mission is to provide justice for every servant of Allah. This mission is not only a requirement of their religion and its principles but also the way to a better future and a dignified life in this country. Muslims must come out of their cocoons and stand up for the good of the whole country and its people both for this world and the hereafter. Their identity should no longer be that of an alienated community, cut off from the mainstream, with strange traditions and mysterious values, rather it should be that of a dynamic, active and caring group, conscious of the well-being and welfare of all the people of our country. Allah’s divine purpose behind the current situation seems to be that Muslims should become aware, change their previous behaviour, and come forward with a new identity and renewed fervour and zeal.

The objective of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is “iqamat-e-deen”. It is actually the objective of the whole Muslim Ummah. With this objective of the Muslim Ummah, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind strives its utmost in presenting the message of Islam in this country. It is appealing to people to surrender completely to their Creator and Master and accept His obedience in every domain of life. Islam frees humanity from the servitude of every other entity besides God and all forms of slavery. Islam invites humankind to accept the servitude of only one God. In doing so, humanity can be saved from the displeasure of Allah and His punishment. The religion of Islam is based on the laws of nature. It offers the natural and correct solution to all the problems of the individual as well as society. Islam guarantees justice, peace, prosperity and holistic development to all individuals and groups of people, regardless of race and ethnicity.

In pursuit of this objective, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is bound by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Prophet ”. In the light of its objective, it adopts moral, constructive, peaceful, democratic and constitutional methods and avoids all those means that are against goodwill, trust, honesty and integrity or which cause communal hatred, class struggle and corruption in the world.

Amid the circumstances, mentioned above, the most important requirement of this objective is that the public opinion of the country should change positively in favour of Islam. The change of public opinion is the most important proactive agenda of the Muslims and also its defensive agenda. Proactive because the true position of a Muslim is one who invites people towards Allah and the change of public opinion towards Islam is an important goal for someone who invites people towards Allah. “Defensive” because, at present, the main agenda of the anti-Islamic forces is to defame Islam and create misunderstandings and aversion around it.

All over the world and in our country as well, the root cause of the atrocities against Muslims is the widespread erroneous notion and idea about Islam. Until this negative perception is corrected, the situation cannot improve. It urgently demands that Muslims should start this important task with all their strength and focus a large part of their efforts towards it. The work of inviting people to Islam and moulding public opinion should not be limited to a few groups but should become the agenda of the entire Muslim Ummah.

The ‘Term Plan’ has been formulated against this background. Some of the distinguishing features of this plan are as follows:

  1. This ‘Term Plan’ is focused on a ‘Term Mission’, and bringing about a positive change in public opinion has been declared as the mission of this term. All Zones, Local Units, affiliated organizations and the cadre of Jamaat will concentrate all their efforts on this mission and endeavour that their activities and efforts become a means of bringing about a concrete positive change in public opinion within their respective circles of influence. Various tasks will be performed by Jamaat. Local Units and Zones of Jamaat will also adopt diverse and innovative means. However, all work undertaken will be with a unity of purpose and part of the same mission. Every member, worker and every individual associated with the Jamaat will have the same dream to change the public opinion of the people in his area in a positive direction (in favour of Islam).
  1. In order to achieve this mission, the most important thing is that we bear witness unto humankind regarding Islam through our words and deeds. The chasm that exists between Muslims and other communities of our country should be minimized. Our relations and contacts with our brothers and sisters should expand. Muslims themselves should become role models of Islam. Muslim society should undergo rapid reformation and become a real Islamic society. The cadre of Jamaat should go through comprehensive “tazkiya” (purification and self-development) and they should make their identity as selfless servants of humanity and emerge as advocates, mentors and leaders in their respective places. Therefore, the tasks of inviting people to Islam (dawah), reforming the society, purification, training, and serving the people, have been declared as ‘basic and mandatory tasks’. This is the first and most important part of the plan. This is an essential function of Jamaat and its true identity. This work will be mandatory for every organizational unit and every individual of the Jamaat. Every individual will be a ‘daee’ (one who invites people to Islam) and a reformer. Every individual will be a selfless servant of society and along with training oneself, he/she will also be a mentor to his/her colleagues. The Local Units of Jamaat will give maximum emphasis to this work. Jamaat will make a conscious effort to bring about a concrete change on this fundamental front through the continuous individual efforts of its members and the collective efforts of its units, through which a positive change in public opinion (in favour of Islam) takes place.
  1. This mission also depends on the Muslim Ummah getting rid of its faults and weaknesses. The weakness and backwardness of the Muslim community is also an important reason for its victimization and an obstacle to offering the correct testimony of Islam. Immediate resolution of these problems is also necessary to restore the true character of the Muslim Ummah. Therefore, issues related to the development of the Muslim community and its safety and security have also been given great importance in this ‘Term Plan’. Similarly, the restoration of law and order in the country, the establishment of justice, communal harmony, inter-religious dialogue, promotion of education, giving education the right direction, the education of children, media and domains like social media, research and producing literature have also been included in it and accorded due importance. At the level of Markaz, Jamaat will exert all-out efforts on these domains too. However, while preparing a plan regarding these domains, the local conditions and problems will be taken into consideration and the Zones, Local Units and members of Jamaat will include appropriate points from these domains in their plan according to their conditions, circumstances, strengths and capabilities.
  1. This time, institutions have also been accorded due importance in the ‘Term Plan’. Efforts will be made to ensure that the institutions under the influence of The Islamic Movement and the institutions of the Muslim community also become a part of Jamaat’s mission, namely bringing about a positive change in public opinion regarding Islam. These institutions should become a source of mercy to all sections of the society and their goals, actions and conduct should become a source of knowing the distinctive and pristine teachings of Islam.
  1. Women have been given special importance in this plan. Efforts will be made to increase their involvement at all levels and make full use of their abilities and strengths. Similarly, importance has been given to the youth. Efforts will be made for the youth at all levels to come forward and use their energies for the development of the country and the Muslim community. Children’s work has been prominently included as a permanent part of this plan. The expansion and consolidation of the Jamaat, especially its rapid growth in the Muslim-majority areas of the country, is also an important goal of this Term Plan, which will be given special attention In-Sha-Allah!

I appeal to all the members of the Jamaat and the entire Muslim Ummah to prepare yourselves to join this endeavour in such a way that this mission becomes your biggest passion and the biggest dream in the coming months and years. It consumes all your senses and paves the way for the beginning of a concrete and perceptible change in every nook and corner of the country.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِن تَنصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ۔ 

(O you who believe! If you help Allah, Allah will help you; and establish your feet firmly.)

May Allah be our Supporter and Helper. Aamin!


Walaikum Salam wa Rehmatullah


Syed Sadatullah Husaini

Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

New Delhi

June 18, 2023