I have pleasure in presenting the Policy and Program of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind for the new term (April 2019 to March 2023). I pray to the Almighty that this Policy and Program may become a means for the improvement in the situation of the Muslim community and the nation. May He grant us the guidance and capacity to implement it. Amen! This Policy Program is being presented at a time when there are a number of challenges before the country and the Muslim community.


Recent times have witnessed significant changes in our country and across the globe and the pace of change is ongoing. Western capitalist imperialism has unleashed a campaign to capture the vital resources of life and is trying to bring the whole world under its control. The second part of this imperialist campaign is manifested through the aggressive military campaigns aimed at virtually enslaving free countries notably Muslim countries. The third part of this campaign is marked by political initiatives and the misuse of international, financial and political institutions through which the freedom of nations is being eroded and there is interference in their internal affairs under different pretexts. One more aspect of this campaign of global imperialism is promoting the culture of permissiveness, nudity and consumerism in the name of modernity so that materialism becomes so common that the people are reduced to mere consumers addicted to superficial pleasures. The world is sought to be made a vast market of global capitalism where it can sell its harmful products. The moral and cultural decline in individuals and nations is such that they do not have any strength to resist it. Imperialism has encouraged aggressive racism in various regions, and now it is acquiring more power. Western imperialism considers Islam as a big obstacle in its path, hence along with nurturing aggressive racism it has targeted Islam and spread Islamophobia on a large scale.


After attaining independence, our country has made remarkable progress on a number of fronts. A large population and pool of creative and technical talent have created greater opportunities for the economy. Despite diversity of regions, races, languages and cultures, the country is united. Elections have been regularly held. In an age where permissiveness and materialism dominate, a large section of the people here still believe in moral values and the impact of religion is manifest. With these promising aspects, there are a number of trends that are disturbing and a cause of concern.


Among those disturbing trends, is the fast growth of aggressive communalism. The poison of communalism is now spreading in society. This has endangered social harmony and rule of law. To speak and admit the truth is getting risky. As this aggressive communalism is profoundly connected to global imperialism, there is therefore a renewed effort by communalism to malign Islam, to link Islam with terrorism and to induce cowardice or extremism in the Muslim community. The strategy of aggressive communalism seeks to divide the society by creating tensions between various religious groups and spreading falsehoods about Islam and Muslims, aiming to demoralize them.


It is a good sign that despite such mischief, a significant section of the population is still not affected by the poison of hatred. India maintains its traditional tolerance and peaceful temper based on mutual respect. There are various individuals and groups that are continuously active seeking to reduce communal tensions. Desire to know the real message of Islam is growing.


It is the duty of the Muslim community to discharge its duty of reforming the country in the light of revealed guidance, by inviting people to their Creator. They must make efforts to rebuild society on the basis of piety. Muslims should become a blessing for all by representing Islam in its true spirit. The believing community should convey Islamic message by word and deed. Unfortunately, a large section of the Muslim community is not aware of this responsibility. Their nature and morals are not presenting the correct image of Islam.


One of the causes of concern about the Muslim community is the decline in their system of education and Tazkiyah. To maintain Islamic spirit in the community, continuous attention to Tazkiya is necessary along with education of Quran and Sunnah. Due to neglect, a number of deviations have crept into religious institutions, which are contrary to Islamic spirit; like shallow religiosity, legal hair splitting, lack of ijtihad, indifference to new developments, forbidden innovation, materialism and neglect of Akhirah.


Another matter of concern is that Muslims have forgotten some important Islamic values, which are fundamental in the Islamic scheme. Generally, the collective life of Muslims does not reflect the Islamic values of human equality, justice, consultation, freedom of conscience and integrity. Consequently, Islamic society has lost an important source of its attraction.


Another aspect about Muslims which requires critical attention is ignorance about their lofty status. They have forgotten by and large, that they are Khair-e-Ummah (the best among communities) whose duty is to demonstrate the truth by word and deed. This ignorance has reduced Muslims to an ordinary group that is devoid of any sense of mission; They do not realize the implications of their exalted position as guide of humanity and its benefactor. The moral weakness of Muslims may ultimately be traced to this basic flaw in the Muslim consciousness. Deprived of a lofty goal, Muslims have developed a defensive attitude and acquired negative traits such as laziness, disunity, confusion, pessimism and moral decadence. Educational and economic backwardness is a consequence of these negative attributes. Instead of guiding people, their attention is focused only on their own (Muslim) community and they are oblivious to problems confronting the entire humanity.


However, in this dismal situation, one detects glimpses of hope. Elements of Muslim community especially a section of its youth is turning towards religion. They have an ambition to serve the nation, humanity and the community. There is a need to provide them constructive and purposeful orientation.


The objective of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is Iqamat-e- Deen (to implement the revealed religion) which is actually the real aim of the whole believing community. Accordingly, Jamaat conveys the Islamic message and invites human beings to turn to their Lord, worship Him alone and surrender themselves to Him, in all aspects of life.


Revealed religion liberates human beings from devotion to false gods and all forms of bondage by inviting them to obey the Almighty Creator. Thus, human beings may escape Divine wrath and earn His reward and pleasure. Islam is the natural religion of human beings; it solves problems of human society on durable basis. Without discrimination, it provides well being, justice and growth opportunities to all races and sections.


To achieve its objective, Jamaat is committed to the Quran (the revealed book) and the Sunnah (way of the Prophet). It adopts, in the light of these sources ethical, constructive peaceful and constitutional means. It refrains from improper activities which may be alien to honesty and truth and which could promote communal discord, class conflict or disruption.


The above described circumstances necessitate a number of requirements. One of the most important of which is the dispelling of misunderstandings about Islam. People need to be acquainted with authentic teachings of Islam. Healthy attitude should be promoted by educating public opinion. The chasm between communities and climate of hate should end. There must be serious, objective and genuine attempts to understand each other. People should bridge gaps and seek understanding through honest communication.


This objective demands of the believing community to represent Islam in its practical life. Muslim society should be a living embodiment of revealed religion. At the same time, efforts are necessary to protect the life and property of Muslims along with their religious identity. They should pay attention to all round development, to acquire the confidence necessary to represent Islam.


The present Policy and Program of Jamaat is designed to address these pressing problems. Maximum importance has been awarded to communication of the basic message that human beings accept and embrace the revealed guidance. In its light, Jamaat would focus on Indian society, seeking to rebuild it on a healthy basis. Universal values should be protected in it and their impact widened. Atmosphere of distrust and conflict should be dispelled and Indian people should be acquainted with true teachings of revealed religion.


Jamaat would also give due importance to other key areas viz. Islamic society, protection and development of Muslim community and Tarbiyah with organizational consolidation. Jamaat adherents would guide Muslims and train the community to deliver Islamic message and reconstruct the Indian society; thus, discharging their basic duty of being Khair-e-Ummah. All units of Jamaat are expected to work on these primary fronts i.e. Dawah, Indian society, Islamic society, Muslim community’s protection and development, Tarbiyah and organizational expansion with consolidation. By the end of the term, visible impact of efforts should be seen.


Next, Jamaat units would according to their capacity, engage with other aspects of this Policy Program; namely justice, education and service. Education is mentioned as a key point. Due attention will be paid to it. The current Policy Program includes, under the title of Islamic thought, activities of research and innovation directed towards revival of Islamic learning. Presently, both action and thought are equally critical as challenges for Islamic struggle. Jamaat would address contemporary problems and present Islam as an alternative in the light of Islam and provide a strong discourse, requiring serious academic efforts. The talented individuals within Jamaat will pay necessary attention to this too – Insha’Allah.


In this Policy Program, due role of youth, children and women has been recognized. Their energies would be channelized to sustain social movements. Youth would be motivated to participate in reform efforts in large numbers. In recent years, there has been a tremendous awareness among women and they have demonstrated their potential. One of the important demands of the national and international situation is that we pay attention to the new generation and consider the training of children to be very important.


Though apparently diverse, all activities of Jamaat are organically linked to its comprehensive objective of realizing and implementing the revealed religion.


Constitution of Jamaat rightly emphasizes the primacy of educating the public opinion, as the proper route towards desired change. All efforts of Jamaat would be aimed at winning the hearts and minds of people. It is necessary to maintain this unifying spirit to make activities meaningful and relevant.


I appeal to Jamaat adherents and believing community to implement with vigour and confidence, this policy and program, in letter and spirit, to being healthy change in the country.


The Quran records the divine promise –

“Indeed, we will guide those to our paths who make efforts in our cause.”

May the Almighty grant us His blessings. Amen!



Wassalamu alaikum Wa rahmatullah Wa barakatuhu.

(Syed Sadatullah Hussaini)

Ameer – Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

New Delhi, June 2019