Who we are


  • Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is a socio-religious organization of India that aims to uphold a way of life that submits to the will of God.

  • We are a pan-India organization with a wide range of interests that include spirituality, interfaith understanding, research and academia, social development, education, policy issues, value-based politics, justice based economy, et cetera .


  • We strive to convey the message of Islam to fellow citizens and reconstruct the society by developing individuals and reforming all collective institutions.
  • Our message is for the whole humanity and we are committed to the service of everyone without discrimination. 
  • We endeavor to lend our voice to the deprived and oppressed sections of society as also address the issues concerning the minorities of India. 


  • We stand for all noble values such as justice and equality and are active in the promotion of democracy, human rights, universal brotherhood and communal amity. 
  • We are bound by the highest standards of morals and ethics in all our programs and activities. 
  • We believe that reformation and reconstruction of society is best implemented by molding public opinion and through the process of dialogue and engagement.
  • We believe that the solution to our problems lies in complete obedience to our Creator and Sustainer and by following the way of life propounded by His divine books and His noble messengers.
  • The underlying and ultimate aim of all our endeavors is to seek the pleasure of Almighty God and success in the afterlife.