• Dawah

Jamaat shall undertake Dawah activities to acquaint our country with revealed guidance of Almighty Allah. The people would be familiarized with the concepts of monotheism, Prophethood, life after death and their implications. Jamaat would convince them that Islam is the only true path as well as just and humane order, which ensures success in the present worldly life and in the life hereafter; rejection of this truth is liable to lead to ultimate failure in both worlds. It would explain the Islamic concepts of human brotherhood, equality and dignity of man. It would ensure wide inculcation of authentic information about Islam, dispelling misunderstandings about Islam, Muslims and Islamic Movement.

  • Islamic Society

Jamaat shall present the authentic and comprehensive concept of Islam, identifying its implications for individual and social life; in order to awaken in Muslims, the concern for hereafter, an urge to please Allah and devotion to the Prophet ﷺ with firm resolve to obey him. People’s conduct should be free of flaws of thought and action, impurities of “Shirk” (association of partners with Allah) and “Bid’ah” (unwarranted innovation in religion). They would be moulded in Islamic teachings. Muslims would be made alive to their status of Khair-e-Ummah (the best community). They would be urged to unite on the basis of Quran and Sunnah, to become embodiments of truth. They should fulfil the requirements of their objective of implementing the revealed religion (Iqamat-e- Deen).

Jamaat shall strive to develop the institution of family in the light of Islamic teaching. Efforts will be made for Islamic upbringing of youth and children; protecting them from western influences and traditions of “Shirk”. Proper understanding would be created regarding rights and obligations of women. Their exalted status in society would be restored. They would participate in enjoining the good (“Maroof”) and forbidding evil (“Munkar”).

Necessary social institutions reflecting the sublime Islamic values, should be created and developed like mosques, Maktabs, Darul Qaza and social service units.

  • Security and Development of Muslim Community

Jamaat would restore the confidence of Muslims and strengthen their belief, so that they remain committed to the revealed religion. Their adherence to Islamic values and culture should grow. They should undertake collective efforts to protect life and limb, civil rights and religious identity. Muslims would be urged to defend themselves through legitimate means, against aggression and oppression. They should stand shoulder to shoulder with victims and help them. Jamaat would also make efforts to ensure the all-round development of Muslim community especially in the fields of education, economy and health. Muslims would be encouraged to make collective developmental efforts on these fronts.

  • Indian Society:

Indian society is religious and spiritually inclined. Its positive attributes and healthy values need to be preserved. However, evils have crept in. Jamaat will try to eliminate them, with the cooperation of religious leaders, in particular such evils as oppression, exploitation, corruption, fraud, inequality, chauvinism, superstition, nudity, killings, foeticide, dowry-demand, discrimination against girls, gambling, drinking, wastage and consumerism.

Jamaat would try to bridge gaps between people to eliminate tensions and conflict. It would seek to restore healthy communications. It would encourage due regard to mutual rights, tolerance and respect for humanity.

  • Justice

In the light of revealed divine guidance, Jamaat would make efforts to establish peace and justice and to develop the country on the basis of universal ethical. It would seek to protect the autonomy of institutions, human values recognized by India’s constitution and freedom of thought and action. It would ensure protection of civil rights. Jamaat would raise its voice against lawlessness and advocate rule of law. Jamaat would seek to promote healthy values in politics. It would make efforts to provide solace to the weak and deprived. Jamaat will mobilise noble elements in society to rid the country of global imperialism, capitalist system and aggressive nationalism.

In the global arena, Jamaat shall espouse freedom from political, economic and cultural imperialism, as well as liberation from despotic rule and oppression. It would advocate due regard for human rights and establishment of just global order and world peace. It will support the popular movements in the Muslim world, working for reconstruction of society on Islamic basis. It will raise its voice against excesses committed against them by vested interests. Jamaat shall, according to its capacity, strive to protect Muslim world from sectarian strife and imperialist designs.

  • Serving People

To serve humanity is an important Islamic teaching. Jamaat shall work for eradication of poverty, sickness, illiteracy, hunger and unemployment; so that the needy and deprived may become self-reliant. It shall motivate Jamaat adherents, Muslims and all people to perform individual acts of service as well and utilise welfare schemes of government. In accordance with its principles, Jamaat shall cooperate with other collective efforts of service.

  • Islamic thought

Jamaat shall critically study the dominant trends and currents of present-day thought. On the basis of Islamic world view; it will cultivate, develop and present Islamic thought. To this end, it will organise academic and research activities and will encourage and motivate scholars in this direction. It would address important issues related to various aspects of life; in particular the urgent questions before the nation and the community. Jamaat will critically examine the policies being adopted and will create alternatives if need be. Jamaat will produce effective literature backed by sound arguments, in the light of authentic research.

  • Education

Jamaat shall reform educational system, private and public, to ensure universal access to education. All citizens should get an opportunity to be educated, and instruction should be available in mother tongue. The curriculum should not violate religious sensitivities. Cultural and religious groups should continue to enjoy the right to establish and run educational institutions of their choice. Syllabi and books should abide by universal ethical values. The fees charged should be reasonable. Atmosphere of institutions should be free from dishonesty, oppression, exploitation, immodesty and nudity. In addition to provision of information and capacity development, the main aim of education should be character building.

Jamaat would promote education among Muslims so that they may become literate, may know religion and Shari’ah. In addition, they should acquire knowledge of all useful subjects, guided by world view of Islam. They would utilise the avenues available in existing institutions, and will try to remove the flaws in them. Jamaat will encourage development of new institutions, in accordance with Islamic concept of education.

To protect Muslim students (boys and girls) from possible harmful impact of the present system of education, Islamic consciousness would be awakened in them.

Jamaat would prepare textbooks in accordance with Islamic vision and make arrangements for teacher training.

  • Tazkiyah and Tarbiyah (Education, purification growth and training)

Jamaat will make comprehensive efforts for all round Tazkiyah (purification, refinement, growth) and Tarbiyah (training, capacity, building, skill development) of its adherents. It will strive to strengthen their bond with Allah, awaken in them concern for hereafter and promote devotion and obedience to the Prophet ﷺ. The should become active towards their goal. In society, they should be torchbearers of Islam, seeking comprehensive reform and guiding people.

Adherents should recognize their talents and try to develop themselves, in order to overcome flaws and reinforce strengths. They should grow intellectually as well, guided by Quran and Sunnah. They should cultivate healthy emotions and be good to people.

Jamaat will encourage the development of talent and capabilities. Pool of human talent would be widened and collective culture would promote talent. Individual efforts and collective initiatives both will be encouraged.

  • Organization

Jamaat will pay due attention to expansion and consolidation to ensure progress on all fronts, in all regions of the country.

 Collective ethos of organization will reflect Islamic ideals of consultation (Shoora), obedience of proper authority within “Maroof” and freedom of expression with Islamic etiquette. Organizational culture should be conducive for growth of capabilities and their utilization. All associates of Jamaat should properly discharge their responsibilities. The organization structure should serve the needs of the Islamic Movement, so that planning gets improved, implementation is effective and evaluation is comprehensive, painstaking and diligent. Jamaat’s internal atmosphere ought to become the living image of “Ruhuma Bainahum” (i.e. the believers display utmost kindness towards each other). The associates of Jamaat should collectively demonstrate the spirit of “Bunyan Marsoos” (a well-knit group resembling a firmly erected wall, held together by molten leads).