Children’s Department Markaz organizes All India Online Symposium on “Enhancing Ramadan experience for Children”

February 29, 2024

New Delhi: On February 27, 2024, the All India Symposium for CIO Mentors focusing on CIO Engagements during Ramazan was held online via Zoom. The event was organized by the Children’s Department Markaz under the guidance of Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Secretary, Children’s department Markaz. The symposium aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance for CIO Mentors and Members on effectively engaging during the sacred month of Ramazan.

The symposium attracted a large audience of 500 candidates, comprising mentors, educators, parents, and community members interested in enhancing children’s Ramadan experiences. The event commenced with a beautiful recitation of the Quran, setting a spiritual tone for the discussions that followed. Salma Husaini delivered an insightful introductory address, welcoming participants and emphasizing the importance of the symposium’s theme.

The speakers included all committee members of the Children’s Department, Markaz – Nasreen Shakir, Hina Farhan, Khalid Parwaaz, and Assistant Secretary Khan Mubashsharah Firdous. Nasreen Shakir emphasized the Quran as a guidebook for children and how CIO mentors can take practical lessons from the Quran and incorporate them into their teachings. Hina Farhan shared tips on how to engage CIO kids in meaningful actions to internalize values among and before Ramadan. She also shared goal-setting sheets and trackers for salah and sadqa.

Khalid Parwaaz, another Committee Member, discussed the role of Masjids and social activities within the CIO community during Ramazan, highlighting the importance of community bonding and support. Khan Mubashsharah Firdous, Assistant Secretary of Children’s Department Markaz, delved into the lessons from the Seerah and their relevance to CIO children, emphasizing character-building and moral values through logical reasoning.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and received satisfactory answers from Khan Mubashsharah Firdous and Syed Tanveer Ahmed. This symposium’s success underscores the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in supporting children’s spiritual and cultural growth, especially during significant religious observances like Ramadan. Participants left the symposium with a deeper understanding of effective approaches to involving children in Ramadan and the tools to create meaningful experiences for them.



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