United action required to save nation and take it forward as per constitutional Values: Prominent women at JIH Women’s Wing’s webinar

August 14, 2022

New Delhi, 14-08-2022: Prominent women activists, politicians and social workers resolved to raise their voice together and strive for safeguarding the constitutional values of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity at a National Webinar organized by the Women’s Wing of Jama’ate Islami Hind under the caption: ‘India @ 75 Assessing our Hopes and Aspirations’.

Mrs.Atiya Siddiqua, the national secretary of JIH Women’s Wing in her inaugural address said that the fundamental question now is whether we live in an India envisioned by our founding fathers and mothers 75 years ago. She sketched out the status of women, as well as the broad social indices, including education and employment which are very pathetic. Mrs. Sheema Muhsin, National General Secretary, Welfare Party of India, highlighted on the deterioration of the secular mindset and said that laws and policies should be made on the basis of evaluation so that people can benefit. Ms.Edna D’Souza, an entrepreneur commented upon the positive aspect of the civil society found during pandemic when people reached out to each other, reflecting upon the true principles of the united freedom struggle.

Adv. Sumaiya Roshan, President, National Federation of GIO asked whether we have been able to create safe space for young girls and women as well as ensure their right to choose and right to dignity. She expressed her concern over the increase in crime rates, unemployment and the lack of equal opportunities for Muslim girls in education and job. Activist Vidya Dinker demanded that the Indian society must ask important questions in a true humanitarian perspective going beyond narrow identities. She stressed on the importance of August 15th and how every citizen should value it. Dr. Fauzia Khan, member of parliament looked back at the idea of representation enshrined in the freedom struggle and in framing the constitution and the importance of the right to vote, study and choose. She pointed out on how undemocratic the parliamentary system has become by citing the example of how bills are passed. Ms.Fathima Muzaffar, National President IUML Women’s Wing advocated that more women should enter into politics and take charge of the current situation. She emphasized the roles of the governments as well as parents in guiding the future generation. She warned on the need to fight the brain poisoning that is going on in our country. Mrs.Shaista Rafat General Secretary, The Women Education and Empowerment Trust, spoke on the need to achieve a peaceful atmosphere beyond the creation of mere laws and superficial changes. She regretted that the country has failed in utilizing the large population as an asset.

Mrs.Rahamathunnissa, the National Secretary JIH Women’s Wing in her Presidential address emphasized the need to concretely do things for the country with unity acknowledging the differences and going beyond in an inclusive way. Mrs.Khan Mubashira Firdaus and Ms.Raheela controlled the proceedings. Ms.Sarwat Fatima and Ms.Sana SK also addressed the gathering.

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