“The reason for the atmosphere of hatred in society is irreligiousness” – JIH Vice President Prof Salim Engineer

February 6, 2024

Aligarh: Islamic Information Center and Dharmak Jan Morcha organized an interfaith symposium titled “The role of Religious Leaders in Establishing Communal Harmony” at the SNB Aligarh Exhibition Ground. Expressing his views, Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Prof Salim Engineer
said “The real reason for the atmosphere of hatred in society is that people are not following their religion and have forgotten their Creator. Allah sent his Messengers and Prophets to the earth in different times and regions to guide the people to the right way. God is One and the basic principle of all religions is to love mankind. Some people are trying to spread hatred in society by misusing religion. Religious leaders should unite and work together.”

Religious representatives of different religions expressed their views in this program. The guest of honor was Swami Sushilji Maharaj. Others who were in attendance were Dr. Rajeev Prachand, Editor J. Kalyan Shri, Bhai Sahib Singh Ji and Bhuntevil Bodhi from Meerut. Zameerul Hasan Khan, Ameer e Halqa UP (West) presided over the symposium. National Secretary JIH, Mohammed Ahmed was also present.

Despite bad weather, a large number of men and women of different religions participated in the program.

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