JIH President’s condolence message over demise of Prof. Siddique Hassan

siddique hassan passes away


O Lord, such a spark, there was in those ashes
By: Syed Sadatullah Hussaini

With the demise of Siddique Hassan Sahab, today we have not only lost a great leader of the “Islami Tehreek” but also lost a man who in many respects was a role model for the youth of the Muslim world. Dynamism, initiative, courage, enthusiasm, selflessness, high morale, the ability to appreciate and utilize talent and skill, planning and foresight, long-term vision, ability to blaze new trails and evolve with time; these are some of the attributes whose deficiency is one of the main reasons for our decline. The greatest feature of the late Siddique Hassan Sahab was that his personality was a beautiful marquee of these rare attributes. Using these qualities, he enriched the “Islami Tehreek” and those associated with it. The daily Madhyamam gave a new impetus to the voice of truth and justice in the Malayalam print media and ushered in a new era of media activism. AICL is not just an institution but the foundation of a powerful interest-free loan movement in our country. Through the Human Welfare Foundation (HWF), a web of brotherhood and co-operation was established between North India and South India; it has now become a powerful institution. We will not forget that HWF was his brainchild.

Siddique Hassan Sahab knew the art of achieving the impossible. My close relationship with him spans almost twenty-two years. I have seen many times that when people come up with a plan, the immediate impression is that it is impossible or beyond our power. But soon it would become possible. Siddique Hassan Sahab inspired the leading and talented people along with numerous anonymous youth of the “Tahreek” to spread in different parts of the country. The way he spotted talent and mobilized them was undoubtedly a unique ability and his uncanny art of winning their hearts would help them achieve the impossible. Siddique Hassan Sahab played a key role in creating many people who have made significant contributions to the Islamic organizations and ensuring their services to the cause of Islam.

He has played a very important role in introducing me to the central ranks of “Tahreek”. After graduating from SIO of India, when I was engrossed in my professional pursuits at my place, he made me a member of the Vision team and started giving me many other tasks. He had a great desire at that time to give his services to the Markaz. Apart from hiring me, he also has a very important role in my training and personality building. Siddique Hassan’s name is at the top of the list of elders of “Tahreek” from whom I have learned dynamism, steadfastness, perseverance, management, and good manners. He was ill for many years and removed from an active role in public life due to his illness. But even so, his existence was a source of encouragement to many like us. Now they have become a part of history but the story of his life will continue to inspire future generations, InshaAllah.

May Allah Almighty grant him the highest position in Paradise. May Allah bless him through the charity of the dozens of organizations he helped set up, and through the work of the countless individuals, he helped create. Aamin!




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