JIH Vice President, Maulana Waliullah Saeedi Falahi calls upon Muslims to put their trust in Allah

January 15, 2024

Aurangabad: Vice President Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Waliullah Saeedi Falahi addressed a public gathering at the Al-Hashar Mosque in the historic city of Aurangabad on 14 January Sunday evening.

Speaking in front of a large number of participants and Jamaat cadre, the JIH Vice-President spoke on the topic “Muslims and Our Changing Country”. In the context of the current situation of the country, Maulana Waliullah Saeedi said, “Muslims should not be disappointed, but rather act with courage. They must put their trust in Allah and In sha Allah the situation will change. Muslims must discharge their duty as a noble community without any discrimination and continue to perform the work of inviting people to Islam and serving and helping the people. Muslims must try to win the hearts of people with their best morals and character.”

Maulana said, “Islam did not spread by the sword. We must keep our affairs clean and our relationship with the Qur’an must be strong. We must overlook and ignore minor religious differences and be united on the foundations of our religion.”

The JIH Vice President mentioned the biography of the Prophet ﷺ, his Companions, and some personalities of the Islamic movements in the present era and asked the audience to keep these examples in front of them.” The public gathering ended with dua.

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