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Live: JIH Women’s Wing organises online protest against targeting women on apps

Posted on 06 January 2022 by Admin_markaz

Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is hosting a virtual  national protest gathering today, Thursday at 7:00 pm IST against targeting women by different apps and internet platforms including ‘Bulli Bai’ under the title ‘Nari Ka Samman, Desh Ka Abhiman’.


The protest gathering is being addressed by the prominent women activists including Ms. Flavia Agnes, Ms. Atiya Sidiqua, Adv. Maitreyi Krishnan, Ms. Rahmathunnisa, Ms. Kavita Srivastava Ms. Khalida Parveen, Ms. Sheema Mohsin, Ms. Jaleesa Sultana, Ms. Fatima Nafees, Afreen Fatima, Ms.Shaista Rafat and Ms. Shayma S.


It is being live-streamed at its FB page:



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