JIH Women’s Wing’s colloquium calls for more constructive women participation in socio political arena

March 20, 2023

New Delhi, 20th March 2023: Eminent women, in a national colloquium organized by the Women’s Wing of Jamaat e Islami Hind (JIH) have concluded that efforts should be made to get more constructive women participation in the socio-political arena and only this will lead to a welfare nation.

Women personalities from socio political background participated in the colloquium on the topic ‘Socio Political Engagement of Women: Way Forward,’ and shared their experiences in overcoming the challenges in the field.

Delivering her inaugural address, JIH National Secretary Mrs.Rahamathunnissa A. said, “the provision is there as per the constitution and the various laws in the country but we fail at practical implementations due to the complex realities of our social structure.” Asserting that men and women should work complementing each other for any nation to progress, she said that only through conscious efforts in education, awareness, training, making public places more female friendly and reservation could changes be brought.

National Coordinator of All India Unorganized Workers Congress and Bharat Jodo Yatra, Ms. Sheeba Ramachandran has lamented that the condition of women is pathetic even though we have women representatives in the highest political positions in the country.  Commenting that equal rights with active participation of women is merely in preaching and not in practice, she urged every organization to give equal consideration for women.

National President of Indian Union Muslim League, Women’s Wing, Ms.Fathima Muzaffer motivated women to work for their rights by themselves, reminding the verse from the Quran that “the Creator does not change the condition of people unless they change themselves”. She advised women to support each other and not compete with each other, they need to be at peace and be the peace givers.

Welfare Party of India’s (WPI) National General Secretary, Ms.Sheema Mohsin mentioned the pathetic condition of women in India. Pointing out that women are made targets for community-based enmity thus attacking their dignity and honour, Ms.Sheema said that the society should be restructured to provide total security to women and that they should be made aware of the provisions in the constitution for meaningful participation.

In her concluding address, JIH National Secretary Mrs.Atiya Siddiqua asked the women to become sensitive towards the evils to control them in the society, develop confidence and adopt a right approach towards problem solving, which can be done both at Govt. level by protesting, writing to the authorities, providing Memorandums etc. and also at local level by visiting personally and addressing the problems. “Today, women are representatives in many political wings but their role is only as a rubber stamp while the actual power holders and decision makers are the men behind them. Developing a recognizable personality is the need of the hour for a woman which is possible in a collective environment,” she added.

The programme convener, Ms.Asma Imtiyaz, Mrs.Shaista Rafat, Mrs.Anshida M Sajid, Mrs. Arefa Parveen and Mrs. Fakhira Tabassum also spoke on the occasion.

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