Jamaat-e-Islami Hind holds Quran summary series every night in Ramadan; to be live streamed on JIH YouTube channel, Facebook page

March 22, 2023

New Delhi: In the blessed month of Ramadan,in which the Quran was revealed on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Jamaat-e-IslamiHind (JIH) is holding a daily Quran summary series, which will be live streamed on JIH YouTube channel and its Facebook page. This Quran summary series programme has been conducted in every fasting month of Ramadan since the last five years at Ishat-e-Islam Masjid, located in the JIH campus, AbulFazal Enclave Jamia, Nagar, New Delhi focusing on a particular theme.


Now in the coming Ramadan, JIH VicePresident S.  Ameenul Hasan informed that the central theme of the programme would be human behaviour, personality and emotions. He said that, every night, a summary of a chapter of the Holy Quran would be presented, and later topics and themes of a set of verses from the same chapter would be thoroughly studied. “As addressee of the Quran is human and theQuran was revealed to change human behaviour, attitude, priorities, ways of thinking, practices and manners. Therefore, we need to talk about them. Sounder this programme, the Qur’anic message will be presented in simple and easy language and modern terms,” he added.  The programme will also be live streamed every night after Tarawih prayer, commencing from Thursday on the JIH YouTubechannel and Facebook page: YouTube channel:


YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/JamaateIslamiHind

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/JIHMarkaz

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