Joint Statement of Religious Leaders On “Supreme Court order on Section 377”

December 19, 2013


New Delhi, 19 Dec 2013: The decision of the Supreme Court on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is not only in line with the eastern traditions of this country, moral values and religious teachings but it also removes apprehensions about invasion of western culture and disintegration of family system and fabric of social life – the inevitable fallouts of the Delhi High Court order of 2009 wherein it decriminalized homosexuality.

Our India is a religious country whose overwhelming majority believes in religion and upholds traditions of the east. All religions emphasize on construction of a family through marital relation between men and women, on which depend not only the existence of human race and lasting peace and tranquillity in the society but it also establishes the respected and central position of woman in the society.

The Constitution of the country has rightly described homosexuality as a punishable offence. It is because homosexuality not only prevents evolution and progress of human race but also destroys family system and social relations. Moreover, it is a great danger to public health. Medical research has also found it as a basic reason for the spread of AIDS.

As representatives of different religious organizations, we welcome the decision of the Supreme Court (delivered on 11 Dec 2013). With this historic decision, the apex court has kept the country from going on to the path of destruction. We are concerned that lovers of western culture, in the name of individual freedom, minority rights and other lame excuses, are putting pressure on political parties and governments for amendment in the law so that this shameless and criminal offence could be legalized.

We warn the government and political parties that we will never accept it if they do it ignoring religious teachings, eastern culture and opinion of the overwhelming majority of the people. Such filthy experiments have destroyed human society and violated the rights of women at a large scale in the west. We should learn from it.

We, therefore appeal to the government and all political parties to accept this revolutionary and wise decision of the Supreme Court with open heart. We urge the supporters of western culture to take homosexuality as a crime and come forward to save the society of the country from this heinous act.



Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari – (Ameer (National President), Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

Maulana Mufti Mukarram Ahmed  – Shahi Imam, Fatehpuri Masjid

Jagat Guru Swami Omkar Anand– Sanatan Dharm

Gyani Ranjit Singh-Chief Priest, Bangla Saheb

Fr. Dominic Emmanuel

Lokesh Muni– Jain Dharm

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  1. Sriram

    Congratulations for bringing intolerance and bigotry into India !

  2. Aleem salim shaikh


  3. Pooja

    Just ew.
    Even if they let the law be, it will change
    You religious bigots are always on the wrong side of history. always gave,and always will be.

    By the way,all if you would wag your tails like a dog if you got a change yo move to any depraved western country.

    • husain

      Sis pooja in history gay people gone under ur creator’s curse

  4. rajesh

    This law will force gay men to get married with women with no other choice leading to ruin the women’s life and ultimately end up in divorce…..why to spoil both men and women’s life…just keep it simle “live and let others live”

    • Siraj

      Dear Rajesh,
      The Law is not forcing to marry, it is preventing unnatural marriages, if you dont want to marry then no is pushing you to marry, but immoral activities will not be tolerated.

  5. aditya shankar

    All the bigots together we see.
    In my utopia, religion would be reason.

    Its been sometime since I came to know the ways in which power works. But it feels really exasperating that a bunch of morons assume such incredible power. Who is giving them the authority? God, lol no. then who? Why as a country and as a world we find it politically incorrect to criticize religion for all its dirt.
    But little do they know that power discourses work its mischief. It empowers those who these “demi-gods” try to crush.

    Power to those who dissent.
    Power to those who want to see a different India and a different world.
    Power to those who make love and will do whatever it takes to fight for it. I will. always.

    Radhe Radhe!

  6. Aditya

    Joint statement of religious leaders supporting #sec377 #ipc377 against #repeal377

    So India is now a religious country, not a secular one, and it has to be governed not by constitutional fundamental principles but by the dictates of mullahs and pundits, as per their interpretation of the law!!

    This judgement of the SC opens to door to the absolute fascist transformation of India..

  7. Qazi Shafiq

    where r u leading the country to family anarchy or to the ruined west. Salam to supreme court jujges who gave the historical decision in this heinous act. all the human lovers should support the decision of SC We r Indians and respect all human values.

  8. Brad

    OMG…Hopefully this kind of ignorance and bigotry will die with this generation. Soon.

  9. vasuki belavadi

    I would have loved all of you to have visited Muzzafarnagar.

  10. Iblish-basher

    As if your religions have ever considered the rights of women. Mind your own religious business and stop putting your nose in other people’s personal space. You know nothing about religions since you know nothing about humans. and who are you btw to talk about india’s traditions? India’s tradition is accepting everyone. Muslims and christians are not indian if the indians never accepted them. Hindus (aryans) arent indian if the non-aryans never accepted them. India is a land for all and not just some bigots’ playground.
    Indian tradition, right? Why you nitwits oppose Salman Rushdie’s visit to India? Isn’t ‘Atithi devo bhaba’ not indian culture? stop using indian culture as an excuse for your pettiness whenever it suits you.

  11. Raj

    Oh… so eastern values and traditions are based on laws made by British? Religion is meant for peace, harmony, love and solace not on discrimination, bigotry and victorian ways of life.

  12. Raj

    And these pious chaste religious leaders who don’t know anything about sex, sexuality, orgasms, etc. have opinions on how sex between two consenting adults should be. Tells a lot about them.

  13. Ekamebadwitiyam

    Religion? All the religious books talk about equality, peace, humanity and all. And what you guys do? You divide humans in the name of religion. You all the “god man”, “religious leaders” are hypocrites.

    I do believe in human rights. Every human being has the right to live his/her life on own choice. Who the hell are you to poke your dirty noses in their personal lives? Peeping Toms! Get some life. Do something that is good for the society.

  14. Shankar

    A moron (s) coming together will be only left behind to jerk.. LOL.. assholes..

  15. Sagnik

    So concerned they are! Didnt they kill each other many a times in the past? And ofcourse you would like to maintain under the hood status of homosexuality. Either how could you maintain eternal celibacy (or a just procreating wife at home) with secret bites on this very forbidden fruit?

  16. ohboy

    the very fact that you men sit there, talking into those mics, an instrument invented by a western individual. the fact that you preach hatred into peoples minds and souls IN ENGLISH ALL ALONG, BTW also shows your double standards. And let’s not even start on the womens rights issues here because a) this has NOTHING to do with it and b) because unlike Indian neanderthals, the western culture does not treat women like total garbage. And just btw, what’s really ‘lame’ (your words, not mine) is actually Polygamy, where in a greedy man must have all the women his heart desires since his religion allows him to do so. As opposed to two individuals loving each other till the end of time for who they really are, despite what their gender might be. And also, I understand that your blind religious faith may impair your ability to comprehend or judge with an open mind but if you actually read, homosexuality was legal in our country before these very westerners who’s ways you so despise now came and set up the anti homosexuality laws. and now look at where they are and look at where we are- still miles to go before we match up to them. so dont say these are western concepts because the only thing western about this concept is the law that makes it illegal. it’s so sad your religions dont teach you love, respect and kindness and also forbids you from judging. So very sad.

  17. Sylwia

    We warn the government and political parties that we will never accept it if they do it ignoring “religious teachings, eastern culture and opinion of the overwhelming majority of the people. Such filthy experiments have destroyed human society and violated the rights of women at a large scale in the west. We should learn from it.” – I have yet to have my rights violated by gay men or women. Please dear not speak on behalf of western women and their rights. Additionally if HIV is spread by homosexuality then as a heterosexual they should have nothing to fear right?

  18. Sylwia

    Dear Shafiq…perhaps you can extend those human values towards people who are different from yourself. You could try that for a change. Your fear is what brings you to this confused state of mind. Are you afraid that homosexuality is communicable by touch or sight? There shouldn’t be a straight person in this world who should be afraid of homosexuality. Unless that urge is within you, you really have nothing to fear.Why are you so afraid? Is it possible for a homosexual union to impact upon a heterosexual couple’s life? In what way can it impact upon you? Are you short of suitors for your daughter or son? Homosexuality is a part of the human experience. it has been there and will continue to be there even beyond this stupid ruling. No court or government has a right to spy into our bedrooms. Religious leaders have a right to lead their congregation towards a certain way of life and we can choose to follow or not..but no religious leader should ever have the power to enforce that into law and to force it upon those who do not even believe in those values. Historically whenever religion and politics have mixed we have ended up with the worst cases of human rights violations and violence committed in the name of “God”. Its time that these atrocities committed in the name of God were stopped.

  19. S. Suchindranath Aiyer

    I don’t know about the others but, as a Shroutha Smartha Brahmin, I am unrepresented on this panel and I consider the Indian Constitution that sices and dices Indians by caste, community, religion, social status and wealth for the kind of justice they receive and law they follow to be a grotesque travesty. Nevertheless, I must say that there are more important issues before the country like starvation, illiteracy, pubic health and infrastructure than for a bunch of surplus consumers who have nothing better to do than sit around before India’s obliging TV cameras plaintively intoning, , “Yesterday, I was not criminal. Today I a criminal. Tell me, am I a criminal”? Let them vanish from our parks and from our public squares and kiss, hug and worse in private like we, the heterosexuals:

  20. Abid Zafrullah

    A very good step from these leaders and Dharma Gurus, Homosexuality must be banned every where.

    • adya vac

      in that case why dont you ban polygamy first?
      who r u to decide whether homosexuality should be banned? muslims live in this country we as a people accept other people and faiths. just like we did you people. homosexuality was a part of our culture and will always remain so.

  21. Abhishek Mukherjee

    “The Constitution of the country has rightly described homosexuality as a punishable offence. It is because homosexuality not only prevents evolution and progress of human race but also destroys family system and social relations. Moreover, it is a great danger to public health.”

    I guess it’s more true about riots, no? It’s funny how your top priority is to murder people in the name of religion. I thought religion is about loving people. What I see, instead, is religions stopping people from loving one another.


  22. aditya

    Ashamed of it…. Since when the religious leaders got the rights to talk about human rights.

  23. Jp Gagliardo

    You should be ashamed to call yourselves representatives of any religion. Shame upon all of you for super- imposing your own personal biased views in the name of the religions you falsely represent. The founders of your orders would be spinning in their graves knowing the inhuman hatred that lies underneath your “spiritual” guise. How dare you sit in judgment of any man or woman? How dare you use religious beliefs in such a perverse way that you would corrupt the purity of the message of hope that each of your religions convey. You all know in your hearts that spiritual teachings cannot be restricted to one person and not another. Yet you would tailor the good words of your teachers and founders to suit your own worldly purposes and agendas. Shame on you for defiling your own religion with your rhetoric of hate. You do yourselves a great disservice and you will damage your own orders more than any “gay movement” or whatever you will call it ever could.

  24. abuabdullah


  25. naresh jain

    ask all the babas to get married, all the clergies of church to get married, and all the asramites to get married if they are afraid that world will come to end because of homosexuality

  26. Mihir Mirajkar

    So we have a joint unanimous statement from the right wing bigots approving a puppet Indian Supreme Court criminalizing the gay movement. Really! And women being the center of society in India ! Really! It’s time for all of them to wake up and pull their heads out of their ass’s. Where are these religious bigoted leaders when we have all this female infanticide, what is the damn Indian supreme courts decision on this , when are the rules not enforced, – Yes this is our Indian society where we respect women and they are the center of our family, but let’s gang rape them. This is a country that hides behind a burkha, with an uneducated Supreme Court and that will only regress socially to the dark ages as long as we think this way, sometimes I’m ashamed to call myself and Indian. What a shame!

  27. Shahid Azad

    Cheers to the leaders who are joining hands to preserve human dignity and endurance!

  28. K

    It’s absolutely pathetically hilarious that a CHRISTIAN “leader” signed a statement which “removes apprehensions about invasion of western culture”. Christianity is western invasion personified. What a joke.

  29. Chitrayudh Ghatak

    Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, good people will do good things and bad people will do evil things; but for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

  30. Aderkon

    The article should note that Fr. Dominic Emmanuel is apparently a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of New Delhi.

  31. Rajen

    Hinduism does not preach this type of intolerance, these so called religious leaders should refer to our scriptures.


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