Kolkata gathering: JIH President urges Muslims to play positive role, instead of being afraid of growing atmosphere of Islamophobia, hate speeches

Kolkata, 13th Jan. 2022: Calling growing atmosphere of Islamophobia and hate speeches in the country, the darkest night just before dawn, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has urged Muslims to play a positive and constructive role, instead of being afraid of it.


Speaking at a gathering in Kolkata’s Kalakunj Auditorium held earlier this month, the JIH president advised Muslims to strictly follow Islamic teachings, which would make a positive impression on others. Various dignitaries of the city were present on the occasion.


Referring to the grim situation due to rising hate speeches, particularly that were delivered in Haridwar’s Dharam Sansad, Mr. Husaini said, “this is not new, earlier too we have overcome tough times.” He quoted the rhymes of Allama Iqbal, “if a mountain of grief collapsed upon the Ottomans, then why lament?  For the dawn arises from the blood of a hundred thousand stars.’


Underling that Islam was spread through the Sufis and Muslim businessmen in India, the JIH leader said that they impressed others by their characters in the past. Pressing Muslims to adopt the same things by adhering to Islamic teachings in their personal, social and economical affairs, Mr. Hussaini asked them to adopt transparency and honesty in their daily life. He instructed Muslims to hold very simple marriage ceremonies avoiding lavishness and give due shares of inheritance to daughters and sisters. Encouraging people to turn challenges into opportunities, he said that we should take initiative to reform society.


JIH Secretary General addresses Leadership Development programme in Kolkata


Speaking on the topic of ‘Leadership Development’, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Secretary General Mr. T.Arif Ali has asked JIH officials to nurture and develop new leadership and give them scope for their activities in the field. A training programme was organised on 2nd Jan. at the Hajj House in Kolkata for JIH’s office-bearers including conveners, local presidents and district organisers. Several JIH West Bengal leaders including  its state president Maulana Abdur Rafeeq attended the programme.

Stressing that God-fearing is an essential quality of a leader, the JIH Secretary General said that we should work to pacify Allah. He continued that a leader should uphold justice and fairness among the workers and followers. Apart from justice, he advised JIH leaders to embrace the proximity of Allah, knowledge and wisdom. He said, “we have to take initiatives to accelerate the orgnaisation’s works, completely abiding by the teachings of Islam.” He asked the JIH officials to be proactive and dutiful and consult with others before making a decision. Mr.Arif Ali also advised them to maintain contact with all sections of the society including professionals, activists, scholars, labour, peasants, farmers, etc.

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