Let Civil Society, Socio-Religious Groups Create Narrative Ahead Of 2024 Polls: Dr Hasan Raza

February 20, 2024

New Delhi, Feb. 19: Keeping in mind the prevailing atmosphere building up ahead of Lok Saba polls and the anxiety and apprehension simmering in the Muslim community in particular and the minorities in general, Dr. Hasan Raza, Chairman Islamic Academy and member Markazi Shoora Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said, “The upcoming Lok Sabha polls should be considered like previous elections; there’s no need to panic. We have seen many ups and downs in the past, including Emergency; therefore, we shouldn’t get hyper in our thoughts, deeds and actions.”

Dr Raza, while speaking on ‘Parliamentary Election 2024 and the Role of Civil Society’ at a weekly meet organised by JIH at its headquarters on Saturday, said, “Civil society has a greater role to play ahead of elections; they have to build a counter-narrative against BJP’s nurturing of pride theory in urban areas and anti-minority narrative along with Labharthi schemes in rural areas. It is therefore necessary for the Civil Society and social-religious organizations to build local, state, and national narratives to connect and energize the voters on the issue of social justice, constituency-wise specific issues, and national issues.”

Dr Raza emphasized the need to work at the constituency level and build a narrative accordingly.

On a note of caution, Dr Raza urged the socio-religious Muslim groups to refrain from using political language in their discourse. Political leaders have the freedom to speak whatever they want, but civil society and socio-religious groups have some limitations and they should abide by them.

Replying to a question, he said Muslims shouldn’t be provocative so much so to use reactionary language instead they need to silently work on the ground strategically and if they can create narratives at different levels, it will have some positive results.

Replying to another question, Dr Raza said, “First it is the need of the hour that socio-religious Muslim groups should be on one platform, keeping on the backburner any differences and work together with the civil society as and when required in order to create some kind of impact on the ground.”

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