Jamaat Chief expressed hope that the newly-elected Members of Parliament will work for welfare and development of all Indians


New Delhi— Commenting on the Lok Sabha election results, Syed Sadatullah Husaini, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has expressed hope that the newly-elected Members of Parliament and the ruling class will work for welfare and development of all Indians irrespective of their caste, class and religion, and execute their constitutional duties seriously and honestly. He expressed hope that the sour relations and differences created during the election campaigns will now be forgotten after the completion of the elections and elected representatives will execute the duties of governance and parliamentary membership. He reminded the new government of its responsibility to strengthen sense of security in the weaker sections and minorities and to assure them that their rights will be protected.


“Now that the ruling party has come to power for second consecutive term, this is its responsibility to build its image as a responsible party that can be trusted by all sections of the society especially weaker sections and unprivileged classes and minorities also.”


Jamaat president has assured the government of all possible support from Jamaat to create an atmosphere of peace and establish justice in the country.


He also appealed to Opposition parties and leaders to introspect themselves seriously. “The situation in the country demands more responsible attitude from the Opposition. Political leaders and parties have harmed the country with personal ego, opportunism and compromise on principles. We hope that Opposition leaders will learn from this Lok Sabha election and work as responsible opposition.”


Jamaat leader has appealed to common citizens of the country to play their role in ensuring better governance. It is the responsibility of common citizens and civil society to timely draw attention of the ruling class to their mistakes and make sure that rule of law and constitution is upheld in the country, democratic institutions and democratic values are protected and all citizens and sections of the society get justice.


Jamaat president called upon the Muslim community to put trust in Allah, and continue to play their role as responsible citizens in the development and progress of the country. Muslims should now make efforts to establish close relations with different sections of the society and win their hearts. Their actual position is that they are flag-bearers of Islam and it is their responsibility to present practical example of Islam and spread its messages among masses.


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