Relief and Rehabilitation by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

March 7, 2020

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been visiting the riot-affected from day one and trying to help the needy by providing emergency relief. Jamaat has set up a control center to coordinate its relief activities that are being headed by JIH National Secretary – Mohammed Ahmed.


Jamaat is carrying out the relief and rehabilitation activities in a coordinated and phased manner. Some of the major activities include carrying out a survey and assessing the scale of damage, helping the victims to complete the documentation required for claiming the government-announced benefits and psychological counseling of the victims. Jamaat will establish a temporary hospital at our control center for those who require medical attention. Jamaat is also helping in the work of registering FIRs and legal prosecution. The cadres of Jamaat and its associated organizations have a team of dedicated volunteers including women and girls who are playing an active role in all our efforts.


Some of the specific relief work being carried out (as of 06 March 2020) includes:



After carrying out the relief work, there will be long-term program of rehabilitation. Jamaat demands that the government should ensure:


  1. Construction of homes/shops/markets that were destroyed during the riots
  2. Construction / Maintenance of Schools that were damaged during the riots
  3. Restoration of employment or provision of alternate employment, including the tools or means of livelihood and provision of monetary aid where necessary
  4. Restoration and repair of places of worship or sacred sites damaged or destroyed during the riots/violence.
  5. Restoration of all civic amenities in and around the original habitations at least equivalent to those prevailing before the occurrence of organized communal and targeted violence, or provision of civic amenities in new resettlement sites or colonies, as the case may be.



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