Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns attack on Christians, burning of Churches in Pakistan

August 20, 2023

New Delhi, 19th Aug.  2023:  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has condemned the attack on Christians and the burning of Churches over blasphemy allegations in Jaranwala, Pakistan.

In a statement, JIH National Secretary, K.K. Suhail expressed full solidarity with the Christians and said “we want to convey the message that Muslims share the pain of the Christians.” Terming the vandalization of Churches, burning of Bibles, and the surrounding houses that belonged to Christians as highly deplorable and extremely shameful, he said that the desecration of a religious place of worship showed the intolerance and utter disrespect of fellow humans and their beliefs.

Calling the attack a collective assault on all religions and humanity, the JIH National Secretary said, “the Jaranwala incident has no sanction in Islam. Neither such acts nor their perpetrators have anything to do with Islam. It explicitly forbids the burning of Bibles and Churches. Islam calls for protection of man’s life and property. The life and dignity of an individual is sacrosanct in Islam. These acts cannot be linked with Islam. Those who are carrying out such acts in the name of Islam must know they are misusing it and giving it a bad name. They have no right to do it.”

Appreciating and endorsing the demand by Muslim Ulema and justice-loving citizens to restore the places of worship and offer adequate compensation to the victims, the JIH Secretary said that the rising intolerance, hatred, and vitriol spreading across societies was a cause for serious concern and was hurting the moral compass. Making an appeal to the people, belonging to all communities to avoid being provoked by those who want to stoke the flames of hatred, he advised them to alert the concerned authorities only, if at all, they come to know of any incident that hurts their religious sentiments. “Nobody has the right to take the law into their hands and exact revenge on their terms”, Mr Suhail added.

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