JIH National Secretary Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi urges Hajj pilgrims to prioritize core objectives of Hajj

May 1, 2024

New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), in collaboration with the Delhi Haj Committee, organised a one-day comprehensive training programme for the selected Haj pilgrims at the Ishaat-e-Islam Masjid located at the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) headquarters here. Around 250-300 pilgrims attended the training programme.

In his concluding speech, highlighting the significance of Hajj as a pillar of Islam, JIH national secretary Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi urged the pilgrims to prioritize the core objectives of this sacred journey, which every Muslim must undertake at least once in their lifetime. Emphasizing the importance of spiritual growth, focusing on prayers, rituals, seeking forgiveness, and glorifying Allah, Dr Ghazi advised the pilgrims to avoid irrelevant activities and remain steadfast in the face of any challenges they may encounter during their journey.

During the welcome speech, Mr Inamurrahman Khan, the JIH Assistant Secretary wholeheartedly congratulated and welcomed the pilgrims, instructing them to focus their efforts on making their holy journey acceptable in the sight of Allah. He also prayed for their successful pilgrimage, hoping they achieve the status of “Haj Mabroor” (an accepted pilgrimage).

Noted scholar Mufti Shameem Qasmi provided detailed guidance on the rituals and the entire process of Haj and Umrah, step by step.

On this occasion, Anwar Khurshid, the coordinator of the programme and a Haj trainer who teaches at the Jamia Millia Islamia School, extensively discussed the logistical aspects of the Haj pilgrimage. This included transportation, accommodation, health services, food and water, paperwork, travel arrangements, Hajj checklists, packing, baggage, and luggage.

Delhi State Haj Committee chairperson Kausar Jahan warmly welcomed and congratulated the attendees on their selection for the Haj pilgrimage to Makkah. During the event, she briefed them about the recently launched Haj Suvidha App, designed to assist and guide pilgrims throughout their journey.

Delhi State Haj Committee Executive Officer Ashfaq Ahmed Arfi, speaking at the programme, revealed that the Delhi Haj Committee received a total of 4,082 Haj applications for the year 2024, out of which 3,016 individuals were selected through a digitalized random selection process, while the remaining 1,066 applicants were placed on the waiting list.

A total quota of 1,75,025 pilgrims from India has been finalised for Haj 2024 with 1,40,020 seats being reserved for pilgrims going through Haj Committee of India and 35,005 pilgrims would be permitted to proceed through private Haj Group Operators.

India has 20 Haj embarkation points, with the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi serving as the largest. Approximately 22,000 pilgrims are expected to depart from Delhi, and the Delhi State Haj Committee will provide all necessary local facilities to ensure a smooth journey.

According to Arfi, the first batch of pilgrims will depart for Madinah from the Delhi airport on May 9, with subsequent batches continuing their departures until May 25. Around 16,500 Haj pilgrims, including 3,200 from the national capital, will be part of the first batch.

Arfi expressed his gratitude to the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and its entire team, including officials, for their cooperation and support in successfully organizing the training programme.

This final area-wise training programme was conducted by the Haj committee before the pilgrims’ departure for the 42-day journey.

The training programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Mannan.

Ms. Nazia Danish, a member of the Delhi Haj Committee and a counsellor for the South Delhi Municipal Council, extended her congratulations to the Haj pilgrims.

The Delhi Haj Committee officials wished all the Haj pilgrims a safe and successful journey. With this final training session, the Delhi Haj Committee has equipped pilgrims with essential knowledge and resources for their 42-day journey, ensuring a smooth and spiritually enriching experience.

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