JIH Delhi & Haryana zone holds massive public conference

December 8, 2014

JIH Delhi & Haryana zone holds massive public conference

New Delhi, 08 Dec. 2014: Muslim society cannot carry out its mission unless it is self-sufficient, said Dr. Muhammad Ahmad, Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while summing up the symposium on “The Self-sufficient Muslim Society: Why & How?”. The symposium was part of a daylong conference on “The Muslim Ummah: Mission and Requirements” organised by Delhi & Haryana zone of the Jamaat here on Sunday.


In his keynote speech, Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, a renowned Muslim leader and Member, Central Advisory Council of Jamaat, said God has created man only to worship Him and for this purpose He sent Prophets to guide man onto the divine path. Prophet Muhammad was the Last Prophet, and now it is his followers, the Muslims, who have to shoulder the great responsibility of disseminating the message of Islam to all human beings.


He drew the attention of the audience towards the large segments of masses in India who are wandering hither and thither in search of the Truth, and it is the duty of the Muslims to guide them to the Truth.


Dwelling deep upon the various issues confronting the country, the learned speaker mentioned female foeticide, rape and other evils. He added that today women and girls are unsafe, and it is only the Islamic system that can protect them.


Earlier, the program began with Dars-e Quran by Maulana Dr. Inayatullah Subhani, former head, Kullyatul Quran, Jamia Islamiya, Shantapuram, Kerala. In the light of some verses from Surah Baqara of Quran, Maulana Subhani threw light on the history of Islam. He said the history of Ka’bah and that of the Muslim Ummah are the same. He called upon the Muslims to get acquainted with the history of Islam, strengthen their faith in Islam and acquaint the fellow countrymen with the message of Islam.


Mr. Abdul Waheed, president JIH Delhi & Haryana, briefed the audience with the Dawah and other services JIH Delhi & Haryana is rendering in the two states. He also called upon the Muslims to come forward and help the JIH in this noble endeavour.


A symposium on “Self-sufficient Muslim Society: Why & How?” was a major part of this daylong conference. Mr. Muhammad Ahmad, Secretary JIH, presided over the symposium sub-divided in three parts: Protection of Ummah, Construction of Ummah and Organisation of Ummah.


Participating in the symposium, Mr. Parwaz Rehmani, Member CAC JIH, spoke on Protection of Ummah and emphasised that there can be a self-sufficient Muslim society only when it is well protected. He also underlined the need for striving for establishment of Islamic society within the limits of Constitution of India.


Another participant, Dr. Waquar Anwar, Financial Advisor JIH, spoke on Construction of Ummah, and said that the construction of Ummah can be effected only on its basic foundations. He emphasised that while constructing the Ummah a fine balance has to be struck between earning worldly means and striving for the Deen.


Maulana Dr. Raziul Islam Nadvi, Secretary Tasneefi Academy, spoke on Organisation of Ummah. As a result of maintaining difference with Islamic teachings, there is indifference, disunity and conflict in society. He laid emphasis on three institutions namely mosque, zakat system and darul qaza. To overcome the situation, the Muslims have to strengthen these institutions.


Speaking on the Role of Youth in the Construction of Society, Mr. Zahid Husain, president Students Islamic Organisation of India, Delhi Zone, said a good society can be constructed only on Islamic footing and the youth play a vital role therein.


On “The Challenges before Muslim Ummah”, Dr. Muhammad Rafat, Secretary JIH, said the western media is tarnishing the image of Muslims and it is the duty of the Muslims to clarify. Muslims have to tell the world that they are Muslims.


On the charge of Muslims’ alleged involvement in terror acts, Dr. Rafat said that a Muslim can never kill a person; Islamic Shairah does not allow it. He also mentioned many other challenges like Muslims’ self-image, lack of unity in their ranks, etc.


A parallel session exclusively for women was also part of the conference. In this session Mrs. Nuzhat Yasmin spoke on “The Purpose of Muslim Ummah’s Existence and the Role of Women” while Mrs. Shayista Rafat pointed out some social evils and their causes and suggested some solutions in the light of Islamic teachings.


The conference concluded with the public address of Maulana Waliullah Sayeedi Falahi, Zonal President, JIH Uttar Pradesh (East).

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