Agra ‘conversion’ attempt chain of ongoing conspiracies: Jamaat

December 11, 2014


New Delhi, 11 Dec 2014: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has condemned the unconstitutional attempts of communal forces to vitiate the atmosphere of Agra city rather entire state, but expressed satisfaction at the bold declaration of the poor Muslim families ignoring all threats and incentives that they are Muslim and will remain so.


Nusrat Ali, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said the chain started to disturb the communal harmony during General Elections and then in the Assembly by-polls in Uttar Pradesh has now reached to conspiracy to convert poor Muslims with deceits and incentives in Madhya Pradesh and now in Agra. The forced conversion attempts are harmful for the peaceful atmosphere in the country and tantamount to usurping of citizens’ rights. He said it is appreciable that leaders of most opposition parties condemned the religious terrorism of Agra and demanded legal action against the culprits. It is good that the Agra Police have registered an FIR against the people for the criminal conspiracy. It is hoped they would get punishment as per law.


He said that these forces are now announcing to organize a mass conversion program in Aligarh on 25 Dec, which is threatened to deteriorate the situation further. It is the responsibility of the state and central governments, therefore, to rein in the disturbing elements in order to maintain peace and law and order.


In the context of the Agra ‘conversions’, Secretary General of the Jamaat said that Muslim organizations, Ulema, Imams and well-off people should care about economic welfare, educational development and religious education of the members of the Muslim Ummah, so that any attempt to shaken their belief doesn’t get successful. The Muslim Ummah should also be attentive towards executing their religious duties through peaceful and constitutional means so that, in testing times, members of the Ummah, and the weak among them also, could show strong resolution of Imaan.

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  1. shah abdul hannan

    Some Hindu parties are playing dangerous game.This should be challenged by all right minded people
    Shah Abdul Hannan, Political analyst, Dhaka

    • shahjahan bakhth

      It’s the responsibility of Local well off brothern-in-faith to adopt such poor people to help the less privilegd ummath financially and also help them in getting BPL Cards and other benefits available to them from govt and to educate them.

  2. Mohd Sababdi

    I want to know about LICI. I want to take a policy it is jayez or not. Please give me a detail information.

  3. abdulhalim

    Poverty cannot be solved while the government continues to discriminate Muslims by denying contracts, jobs, projects and schemes. The focus should be on government resources, rather than private Muslim resources. Already internal Muslim resources are overstretched.

  4. Munawar Azad

    why do the party workers of ruling party start activities against the law. why do the law enforcment authorities start treating them as ” above law “