Leaders from Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Bhartiya Sarv Dharm Sansad Share Iftar, Pledge for Peace and Communal Harmony

March 17, 2024

New Delhi: In a display of interfaith dialogue and unity, the Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Prof Salim Engineer, and Maharishi Bhrigu Peethadheeshwar Goswami Sushil ji Maharaj, the National Convener of Bhartiya Sarv Dharm Sansad, met for an Iftar gathering at Swami Susheel Goswami ji’s Ashram in Greater Noida.

The meeting, held against the backdrop of growing concerns about communal tensions in the country, saw the two leaders engaging in discussions aimed at fostering peace and communal harmony.

Prof Salim Engineer emphasized the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding among different religious communities. He stressed the need for collaborative efforts to address issues of religious intolerance and promote peaceful coexistence.

Maharishi Bhrigu Peethadheeshwar Goswami Sushil ji Maharaj, renowned for his work in promoting interfaith understanding through the Bhartiya Sarv Dharm Sansad, echoed similar sentiments. He highlighted the significance of shared values and respect for diversity in building a cohesive society.

During the Iftar gathering, participants exchanged views on various initiatives that could be undertaken to bridge religious divides and promote unity among communities. Ideas such as interfaith dialogues, educational programs, and community service projects were discussed as potential avenues for promoting greater understanding and tolerance.

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