Jamaat-e-Islami Hind to establish Sadbhavna Manchs at 1000 localities for communal harmony, addressing social evils

March 17, 2024

New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has decided to establish Sadbhavna Manchs at more than 1000 localities, spanning villages, towns, and neighborhoods across the country to foster peace, and communal harmony, and address social evils and issues.

JIH Assistant Secretary Waris Hussain says that the JIH has decided to form Sadbhavna Manchs in about 1000 localities across the country. It is an improved form of the Mohalla Peace Committees. Because the Mohalla Committees focused primarily on resolving local tensions.  “While Sadbhavna Manchs aim to tackle a wider range of social evils, including drug addiction, violence against women, and cleanliness issues,” says Mr Hussain.

According to Mr Hussain, JIH has planned to establish 300 separate Sadbhavna Manchs for women and 50 for youth, ensuring their active participation in this initiative.

He also informed that this Manch, along with members of different communities in the locality, would also make efforts to establish peace or remove communal tension in case of any communal tension or situation that erupts.

The goals and objectives of the Sadbhavna Manch, as highlighted by the JIH official, encompass creating an atmosphere of love, harmony, and cooperation in localities across the nation. He emphasized the importance of encouraging intermingling to foster love and harmony, seeking cooperation from all segments of society to combat social evils such as drug addiction and violence against women, and raising awareness about cleanliness.

Furthermore, the Sadbhavna Manch aims to dispel misconceptions and misunderstandings about different communities, stand with marginalized sections to prevent their sense of helplessness and promote goodwill and harmony among those engaged in spreading discord. It also seeks to educate people about the cultural and religious freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and promote mutual tolerance by collaborating with various social organizations. In cases of emergency or communal discord, the Sadbhavna Manch intends to work with others to find mutually acceptable solutions while opposing injustice and discrimination without bias.

The forum is committed to remaining apolitical and seeks to strengthen the fundamental values enshrined in the Constitution, including Equality, Justice, Liberty, and Fraternity. Programs and activities at the local level will be implemented to achieve these objectives, ensuring grassroots engagement in the pursuit of communal harmony and social progress.

Mr Hussain recently visited several cities in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Manipur, and other states to establish Sadbhavna Manchs. He claimed that Sabhavna manchs have been set up in 15 states.

Hussain presided over an event in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar to establish Sadbhavna Manchs in various localities of the union territory. He emphasized the importance of brotherhood and fraternity for the well-being of society. Hussain stated, “Without brotherhood and fraternity, disharmony and chaos will prevail. Peace and security will be destroyed, and rebellion and corruption will permeate every household.”
He further highlighted that Islam places great weight on brotherhood and fraternity, as it forms the foundation of a just and peaceful society. As an example, he cited the Farewell Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), where the Prophet declared all people equal before God, with no superiority based on race, ethnicity, or social status.

The Vikas Nagar event attracted a large number of residents, including many Hindu brothers. Prominent religious figures like Ved Ram Lal, Tilak Raj, Lal Babu Pandey, and Saint Ram Rana ji also participated. The program received high praise from the Hindu community, with suggestions to organize similar events in every locality. Dr. MP Singh was elected as the local president, and Rizwan Malik became the secretary of the Sadbhavna Manch on this occasion.

JIH Delhi State Secretary Khaliquzzama also spoke at the event, emphasizing that this forum aims to foster an atmosphere of brotherhood and fraternity. He envisioned a community where people love and care for each other, share each other’s burdens, and offer support during times of difficulty and celebration.

JIH National Secretary Mohammad Ahmed says that growing religious, communal, and ethnic divisions are the reasons behind forming this communal harmony forum. He emphasized India’s strength in diversity and its history of peaceful coexistence. He expressed concern that recent political tactics have fueled hatred and distrust, jeopardizing social cohesion. He said, “Sadbhavna Manchs aims to counter these negative trends by promoting goodwill, harmony, and mutual trust. They encourage citizens to unite and address common challenges like poverty, hunger, unemployment, and corruption.” He said that Sadbhavna Manch is a platform that has been established to carry out these joint efforts at the local, village, town, or locality or Mohalla Level and all influential and active people need to be included in these forums.

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