Putting an end to the growing trend of violence and exploitation against women is the need of the hour: JIH Women’s Dept

November 1, 2022

New Delhi, 31 October 2022: The Women’s Department of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has organized a webinar titled “Objectification and Violence on Women – New Norm of Cultural Appropriation”, in which eminent women and social workers from different walks of life expressed their views. Participants expressed concern over the retrograde treatment of women in society and the tendency to treat them as objects rather than human beings and the growing trend of violence.

The General Secretary of The Women Education and Empowerment Trust (TWEET), Ms. Shaista Rifat said in her presidential address that “violence and abuse of women is not a problem of any one country but the whole world is facing this problem. However, the situation in our country is quite serious. The mindset of not considering women as human beings and their objectification is flourishing in society. The capitalist system and the media are exploiting women and using them as a commodity. We all should speed up our efforts to change these conditions.”

In the opening address of the webinar, Ms. Rahmathunnisa, National Secretary of the Women’s Department of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, questioned the society’s silence on the exploitation and violence of women. She said that “women are not safe anywhere at the home, market, or workplace. We should not be silent on this. Women should raise their voices so that a woman gets the right to live as a woman.”

Addressing the webinar, Dr. Farzana Khan emphasized the need to change the opinion about women in society and said that there should be laws that give justice to oppressed women.

Advocate Vaishali Dulas urged to stop the nudity spread by the media and said that we should raise our voice against the injustice done to Bilquis Bano.”

Ms. Jaishree Shirke, a member of Vanchit Samaj Aghadi said that “a woman is not a piece of decoration. Women should fight for their rights and try to bring justice to the oppressed women.”

Ms. Samar Ali, General Secretary, of the National Federation of GIO (Girls Islamic Organization) said that “Whether it’s a matter of wearing hijab or abaya, it depends on the choice of the person. It is wrong to treat those who don the hijab as extremists. A woman is not a commodity. We have to fight against the exploitation of women so that they can get their rightful place in society.”

Ms. Rama Sundari, HOD, Department of Electronics, Women’s Polytechnic College, Guntur, said that “after the culture of beauty pageants has become common, a woman has become a commodity that is used for commercial purposes. She appreciated the services of Muslim women, especially during the anti-CAA protests and the Corona pandemic.

Assistant Professor Dr. Uma Singh said that be it at home or office, violence against women has become normalized. Give them higher education and don’t teach them to bear oppression and keep silent. ”

Sana Shaikh coordinated this webinar. Ms. Mubashera Firdous presented the welcome address and Arifa Parveen thanked the speakers and all the participants and the audience.


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