Resolutions of the Markazi Majlis-e-Shura (Central Advisory Council) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH)

November 30, 2023


In the recent meeting of Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in Ahmedabad (dated 24 to 26 November 2023) the following resolutions were passed:

(1) Freedom

The Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind feels that the Israeli oppression of Palestine for the last 75 years has recently reached its worst level of violation of human rights in violation of all the international laws of war. Genocidal killing of common and unarmed citizens, especially innocent children and women, indiscriminate bombing of common urban facilities like hospitals and schools and other such brutal actions demand that the Israeli Prime Minister be tried in the International Criminal Court. The recent Israeli aggression has exposed the evil faces of the Zionists, America and some European countries. The courage with which the Palestinian people have resisted Israel’s aggression and the extraordinary patience they have displayed are highly commendable. This meeting of the Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind strongly condemns this cruel behavior of Israel and demands the international community and the United Nations to immediately implement a permanent ceasefire by imposing sanctions on these barbaric actions of Israel. The international community should make serious efforts and take steps to find a just solution to the Palestinian issue and ensure the formation of an independent Palestinian state. The meeting of the JIH Central Advisory Council also appeals to the international community that it should reconstruct the areas destroyed by the war, and take effective steps in ensuring the provision of essential supplies. On this critical occasion, many countries and a large number of justice-loving people from all over the world have condemned the Israeli aggression and supported the Palestinian people. As usual the common people of our country, NGOs, and various media outlets have also fully supported the Palestinian cause. This meeting of the JIH Central Advisory Council expresses its satisfaction on this welcome phenomenon and demands the Government of India to play an effective role in the establishment of a Palestinian state through international diplomatic efforts while adhering to the country’s long-standing position on Palestine. This meeting of the JIH Central Advisory Council expresses deep concern over the one-sided, biased and irresponsible reporting of Israeli aggression by some media organizations in the country and considers it necessary to draw their attention to the fact that their irresponsible coverage leads to communal disharmony and Islamophobia in the country. This meeting of the JIH Central Advisory Council expresses its solidarity with the victims of Palestine and prays for them.

(2) Values-based politics
This meeting of the Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses deep concern over the continuous decline in the standard of politics of our country and the violation of democratic and moral values. The JIH Central Advisory Council feels that the dominance of capitalists, criminals, communal and fascist powers in our country is constantly increasing. Actions like disrespectful comments by political leaders, lying, excessive use of money, false promises to woo voters and character assassination of candidates and leaders have brought the quality of Indian politics to a very low level. Hate speeches and statements against different communities are unfortunately becoming an important tool of conducting an election campaign. This situation has endangered the peace and unity of the country. The JIH Central Advisory Council also feels that the current opaque system of electoral bonds for election funding is causing an abnormal increase in the coffers of the ruling party and this imbalance is beginning to show during elections. This situation is not only weakening democracy in the country, but also aiding in the capitalists’ grip on power. The JIH Central Advisory Council demands the leaders of the political parties to follow value-based politics and especially not to allow the above-mentioned vices to flourish in their parties. The JIH Central Advisory Council demands the government to make the system of election bonds transparent and devise effective steps and rules to prevent excessive use of money during elections. This JIH Central Advisory Council also appeals to the people to improve this situation by playing their role and elect people who are morally sound, uphold democratic values and promote communal harmony in national and state elections.

(3) Use of Government Institutions for Political Purposes

This meeting of the JIH Central Advisory Council is deeply concerned over the misuse of autonomous government institutions of the country, for political purposes especially the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), ED (Enforcement Directorate), Income Tax Department, police administration, bureaucracy and Offices of Governors to various states. The ruling party has been silencing its opponents and the parties belonging to the Opposition with the help of CBI, ED and Income Tax raids and targeted demolitions carried out by the Municipal Department. While this hurts the freedom of expression, the trust of the people in the bureaucracy is also weakened. It also becomes a source of corruption in government departments. Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind demands the government to shun the political use of bureaucracy and restore the former dignity and autonomy of these venerable government institutions. A strong opposition and freedom for the constructive criticism of the government are an important necessity for a stable democracy.

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