Shirdi’s Welcome To Message Of Prophet Muhammed(Pbuh)

February 22, 2010

Shirdi, being wellknown nationally as well as internationally was seen in another unique pilgrimage mood on evening of 22 this month when this city of Sai baba witnessed the big hoardings written as “Prophet Muhammed For All”,displayed by Ahmednagar unit of Jamate Islami Hind(JIH),Maharashtra. Besides door to door distrubition of Islamic literature in Shirdi’s lanes,a public meeting was organised at the open ground opposite to the Sai baba temple,the public meeting was adderesed by  Mr M.Nazar Madauoo,President of JIH Maharashtre.He described the main objectives of the 10 days campaign of JIH,entitled”Prophet Muhammed For All”,which focussed the message of peace given by the last messanger Prophet Muhammed.Dr. Javed Mukarram of JIH in his effective speech said that the teachings of Prophet Muhammed are not only for Muslims alone but is meant for the entire humanity of the world the attainment of the real success and the solution of solutuion is in teachings of islam. Dr. Warpe a famous personality of Shirdi,in his address said that the job of communal harmony can only be performed by courageous people. Mr Abhay Shelke Vice President Gram Panchayat Shirdi appreciated the initiative taken by JIH. Earlier Mr Haqqani delivered his speech in marathi.Mr Imtiyaz Shaikh convened the program and Mr M. Akhtar District president Ahmednagar JIH introduced the audience about the said campaign.

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