JIH Vice-President S Ameenul Hasan advises professionals to integrate Islamic spiritual principles into their daily routine to achieve a balanced life

January 22, 2024

Nagpur, (Maharashtra): Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Vice-President S. Ameenul Hasan, who is also a life coach, conducted a workshop on transformative spiritual retreat at Nagpur recently.

The workshop aimed to empower professionals with tools for achieving harmonious work-life balance through spiritual insights.
Mr Hasan guided the participants on how to achieve a fulfilling life by integrating Islamic spiritual principles into their daily routine lives.
The workshop sessions weren’t mere addresses; instead, they consisted of three sessions each lasting two and a half hours. The first session delved into the concept of spirituality, emphasizing a personal connection with something greater, often involving a search for meaning, purpose, and a link to the transcendent. In the context of Islam, spirituality entails belief in Allah, obedience to His commandments, seeking His pleasure through deeds, and a deeper understanding of the Quran. Participants were assessed on these dimensions through questionnaires, and they were introduced to influential Islamic figures like Imam Ghazali and Maulana Rumi.

The second session focused on practical aspects of nurturing spirituality. Participants evaluated their prayer habits and Quranic engagement, realizing the need for additional prayers beyond the obligatory ones for a deeper connection with Allah. The discussion also highlighted the multifaceted nature of dua, emphasizing its role in praising, wondering, thanking, and seeking guidance from Allah. Novel methods were introduced to enhance the depth of dua.

The third session addressed obstacles to spiritual growth and life planning. Participants learned about challenges from the self (nafs), Satan, the material world, and external factors like family and environment. Recognizing these inner saboteurs, they devised strategies to overcome challenges and planned personal improvements in spiritual dimensions.

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