JIH Education Board calls govt’s ‘curb’ on international webinars, a serious obstacle to academic progress

nusrat ali statement - webinar curb

February 24, 2021

nusrat ali statement - webinar curb

Markazi Taleemi Board Chairman Nusrat Ali.


New Delhi, 24th Feb. 2021: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Markazi Taleemi Board (Education Board) has voiced concern over making government’s prior approval mandatory for all government entities, including publicly funded educational institutions and universities before hosting an online international conferences/ seminars/ training.


In a press statement, Chairman of Markazi Taleemi Board, Nusrat Ali has registered a strong objection to the recent government circular asking all government entities, including Public Sector Undertakings, public-funded universities and institutions controlled and run by the Union and state governments to get prior approval from the union government for organizing any online/virtual international conferences/seminars/training etc.


The Chairman of the JIH Education Board said, “We feel that this order is an open curb on the basic freedom of citizens; it will hamper access to latest thoughts on social sciences, stifle scientific discussion and put obstacles in the path of the younger generation who wish to explore new vistas of humanities, science and technology. This will lead to a decline in our academic progress, as we will be deprived from seeking the best international expertise.  On the one hand, in the National Education Policy-2020, the government determines to make India a world leader in the field of education, on the other hand, such curb, undermines our country’s credibility and research process”.



Demanding the government to reconsider this order, he asked the government to keep away from politicization and bureaucratic control of universities. “It must adhere to the commonly accepted fact that universities are places for the contest of ideas and thoughts. They flourish when given freedom and a global outlook,” he added.


The Markazi Taleemi Board is a department of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind that runs and manages schools all over the country, produces textbooks in various languages, organizing training programs for teachers and undertaking various endeavours to improve the standard of education of educational institutions.

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