Using artificial intelligence can make teaching easier: Dr. Siddiqui, (MAANUU)

New Delhi: An online lecture on the use of artificial intelligence in teaching was organized by the Markazi Taleemi Board, FEMI, and AIITA on the theme “Teachers’ Empowerment”

On this occasion, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sami Siddiqui, Director, Department of Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) spoke on how artificial intelligence (AI) can help teachers. He discussed in great detail artificial intelligence, the challenges associated with it in the current situation, and the ways of using it in teaching in an easy-to-understand manner.

He said that ChatGPT and other similar AI-based apps are informational. “Try to provide human-like responses to customer queries using databases.” He added that ‘AI’ is not new to us. Earlier we have been using it in other forms like customer services and gas cylinder booking etc. He said that there are three forms of artificial intelligence ‘Open AI’ like ChatGPT which is text to text’. DALL.E which is text to image and the third form is ‘text to video’.

He emphasized that teachers can use different artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and the Gamma app for creating PPTs and pdf etc for their assignments. He gave an example to explain to teachers that ChatGPT can be used for various teaching purposes such as preparing lesson plans. He also said that to get the desired output messages from ChatGPT we have to be very specific while giving the input message. He added that teachers can get the basic information from ChatGPT and then they have to check and edit it. He said that the new technology provides ease. It saves us time, provides basic and important information in less time and with less effort”.

On this occasion, Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed, Secretary of, the Markazi Taleemi Board said that artificial intelligence is offering its support in all fields. It also has an important sector of education. Teachers can use it for improved lesson planning and improve their performance”. He said that the Markazi Taleemi Board will organize more lectures for awareness of this technology.

The program concluded with a vote of thanks to Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Markazi Taleemi Board.

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